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Container Trucks

HAYSOAKER mobile plastic container

Container trucks are plastic containers on wheels with a capacity of 130 to 625 litres and most are built on a plywood base offering better stability and strength. Available in Natural White, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow with a normal lead time of 2 weeks. Lids are also available and listed below along with bottle and tidy trucks.

The Hay soaker plastic trucks are available with taps and plugs as shown above.
  • Product consists of a tank and powder coated mild steel frame
  • Perfect for when the tank is required to take a reasonable weight and be safely moved
  • Frame fitted with 8” rubber castors
  • Three sizes available with capacities of 370 to 540 Litres
  • Completely smooth interior for easy cleaning
  • Blue and red available from stock, other colours made to order

plastic container trucks

Technical Data:

RD0303 & OC0105 – 1040 W x 730 D x 845 H – 370 Litres capacity

RD0405 & OC0210 – 1340 W x 750 D x 860 H – 455 Litres capacity

RC0504 & OC0211 – 1090 W x 800 D x 940 H – 540 Litres capacity

Tapered Plastic Trucks

tapered plastic container trucks

  • Available in 15 sizes, all with loose fitting lids
  • Max capacity of 625 Litres
  • All trucks are tapered for cost-effective transportation and ease of storage
  • Ideal for catering and factory applications
  • Can be fitted with either a plywood or food grade plastic base
  • Easy to clean
  • Bestsellers held in stock in blue, red and black
  • Black trucks are produced using recycled polymer – not food approved, but they do offer cost savings

Plastic Bottle Skips or Bar Trucks

plastic bottle skips bins

  • Available in five sizes
  • Capacities range from 135 to 185 Litres
  • All trucks are moulded with anti-jamming lugs to ease extraction when stacked
  • Ideal for hotels, pubs and clubs
  • Bottle bins are completely water tight
  • 2” castors fitted as standard
  • Completely smooth interior for easy cleaning
  • Available from stock in blue and black; other colours made to order
  • Black trucks are produced using recycled polymer and though not food grade do offer cost savings

Technical Data:

RB0111 650 W x 460 D x 660 H135 Litre

RB0113 615 W x 455 D x 750 H150 Litre

RB0115 820 W x 455 W x 620 H 165 Litre

RB0118 970 W x 380 D x 620 H165 Litre

RB0119 670 W x 615 D x 620 H185 Litre

Plastic Tidy Skips

plastic tidy trucks

  • Ideal for waste collection, order picking and ingredients storage
  • Available in two sizes with capacities of 350 and 500 Litres
  • Hinged lids available for all products
  • Stackable – the two-part lid is hinged in the centre and can be removed for transport purposes
  • Steel reinforcing plate fitted to base
  • Completely smooth interior for easy cleaning

Technical Data:

RT0001 – 1160 W x 750 D x 790 H – 350 Litres capacity

RT0002 – 1160 W x 750 D x 980 H – 500 Litres capacity

Order Picking Trolleys

plastic order picking trucks

  • Our order picking truck is ideal for warehouses and factories
  • Unique design allows for easy loading and unloading, storage and transportation of goods
  • Completely smooth interior for easy cleaning

Technical Data:

Model RB0903

1255 W x 785 D x 1180 H mm

Capacity 885 Litres

Available from our online shop here