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Custom Sofas, Settees and Couches

gold fabric custom sofa

Custom sofas, settees and couches have the same meaning which is for a comfortable seat of various dimensions and fabrics. We can supply you a custom seating arrangement for a reception area or banqueting hall. These sofas, settees and couches are manufactured in the United Kingdom and can be customized to match existing soft seating or for making a statement.

As well as a very diverse range of fabrics that include vinyls, wool mix, real and faux leathers, we can also use the COM option where you supply your material.

This is available for clients who wish to send in their fabric to us for upholstery. If you have heavy pattern repeated fabric or real leather, please advise our sales team, as this may increase material requirements. Alternatively, we can provide a wide array of contract suitable fabrics & leathers which fit into the following groupings:

  • Range A: House Faux Leather
  • Range B: Standard Faux Leather / House Fabric
  • Range C: Standard Fabric / Standard Real Leather
  • Range D: Premium Fabric / Vintage Real Leather
  • Range E: Deluxe Fabric / Premium Real Leather

As upholstery manufacturers, they have access to a wide range of contract fabrics, leathers and vinyls from a variety of suppliers. Below we have put forward a selection of just some of these cover options which are usually in stock and available to work with. If you require samples, please ask a member of the sales team, who will be happy to organise this for you.

Please note: an Additional charge may apply if you choose to have a multiple fabric split.

There are many more fabrics available other than the ones shown below, simply too many to list! Please contact us if you can’t find anything that you like, and we will be glad to discuss your requirements. All our upholstery options conform to UK fire and safety standards for commercial use (CRIB5 / BS5852), fire certificates are available upon request.

Swatch from the A range of Faux leathers.

a range faux leathers

Please download the (A) range of popular leather fabrics available.

There are many more fabrics available other than the ones shown here, simply too many to list! Please contact Merlin if you can’t find anything that you like, and we will be glad to discuss your requirements. All our upholstery options conform to the latest UK fire and safety standards for commercial use (CRIB5 / BS5852), and fire certificates are available upon request.

chesterfield style sofas

For more fabric and finishes ideas, please visit the manufacturers site links below.
Deep pile and hard-wearing performance upholstery fabrics. Suitable for commercial use, cruise liners, hospitality and leisure.
The Shapes Collection features two geometric and optically intriguing prints and is styled around the contemporary shades of inherently FR and washable, Allure velvet.
The dense pile of Lovely velvet is exceptionally soft and romantic, with contemporary matt, chalky colours ranging from calming neutrals to fashion-led pastel shades. Lovely is finished with a printed overlay to give a subtle mottled painterly feel.

Lovely has a super Easy Clean finish which repels water-based liquids, giving you more time to deal with any unexpected spills!
Introducing Alba, a gorgeous linen effect upholstery which effortlessly combines an attractive aesthetic and exceptional high performance. Perfect for healthcare, hospitality or workspace environments, this simple, stylish, understated upholstery is available in 30 Colourways.


All of these contract sofas are manufactured in the Manchester factory, where all products are handmade and assessed to ensure they are at the British contract standards.

We offer an extensive range of contemporary sofas, with over 20 contemporary designs to choose from, most available in sizes from chairs to 4 seaters.

Along with the contemporary sofas, we also offer a wide range of traditional Chesterfield sofas. Our entirely handmade Chesterfield sofa range is produced using only the best materials, including solid beech wood frames and stylish materials. Chesterfield’s have become an iconic piece of furniture and have become a popular choice for the more traditional style venues. Again, sizes range from singular seated chairs to 4 seater sofas and beyond.

Button backed custom sofas

As well as the wide range of fabrics, we can also supply bases in various styles of wood, or they can be upholstered.

bolster back seating

Roll back seating as well as button back, fluted and flat are just some upholstery options available to you.  If you have a picture of something from a magazine or from your favourite reception, then please send it to us and our experts will match it for you. Please note that we do not endorse direct copies of designer furniture and respect other manufacturers trademarks.

90 degrees sofa

Depending on the room dimensions and your preferred layout, we can supply custom seating to fit around various angles, should you need 45 degrees instead of the standard 90 degrees.

close-up of the stitching detail

Manufactured by English craftspersons, these custom sofas, settees and couches shine when you examine them closely. All materials used are of commercial quality and designed to last the same length of time as the fabrics used. Some fabrics are classed as Martindale Abrasion Severe Contract, with greater than 100,000 rubs. Agua linetta

Please contact us if you require a comfortable custom sofa, couch or settee.