Cutting Stations

ss7 mobile cutting station

A mobile or fixed cutting station and store. Designed to accommodate chop saws reducing noise and dust whilst offering a complete industrial storage solution that can be mobilised around a customer’s or workplace environment. The saw can be stored and locked in the compartment below. Normal delivery in just 3 working days. We also have mobile fitting stores for increased security and storage. 


SS7 Cutting station


The ever-popular Cutting Station is a neat, mobile workstation that eliminates the need for a separate cutting room and is essential for safely cutting lengths, such as conduit, timber, cable tray and pipe.

Improvements to the Cutting Station include new lighting, chamfered corners to further reduce noise and a new expandable working area to accommodate mitre saws. The cutaway sides cater for easier handling of longer lengths, and improved support arms are now quicker and easier to change between four different configurations.

Integral health and safety features include rubber matting, fire-rated, noise-cancelling foam, and PVC screens to contain sparks. Extraction and air filtration units can easily be fitted and a roomy, lockable cupboard provides secure storage.

Patent Pending and European Design Registered

  • Eliminates the needs for a separate cutting room
  • Minimises vibration, sparks, dust and noise
  • Mobile and compact

Mobile Fitting Store

FC2 mobile fitting store

Ultra tough cabinets designed to for storing power tools and other smaller accessories

  • Keyed alike 5-lever deadlocks
  • Complete with two shelves that are fully adjustable in height and 6 individual storage bins
  • Forklift skids on the base with fitted with castors to make it a mobile unit
  • Heavy-duty doors with fixed hinges and secluded anti-jemmy protection
  • Fitting Store is ideal for storing copper parts and mechanical components, keeping them secure
  • Designed to keep the ‘copper thieves’ at bay!
  • Available in two sizes with this model FC” being the smallest.
  • Internal Dimensions 770 wide / long x 580 deep x 1170 mm high
  • External Dimensions 800 wide / long x 580 deep x 1435 mm high
  • Weight empty is 95kg
  • Powder coated with special anti-corrosion undercoat
  • 1.6mm steel and 2mm thick steel locking mechanism
  • Heavy duty Castors
  • Fire resistant

Please Download and view our two page brochure on the cutting station.

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