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Designer Steps and Platforms

Designer software for access platforms

Design your own safety steps and platforms and obtain prices and a 3d image that can be rotated and printed out to act as a quotation or you can order online. Standard lead times for your own configured steps is 18 working days due to the latest manufacturing equipment.

All products are custom manufactured in Germany and there are no additional surcharges involved.

There are two types of configuration available including the standard “Comfort” style for quick and easy navigation and the Professional mode for fine tuning your design.

Please contact Merlin Industrial with your requirements if you would like us to provide the images and prices.

Example configuration for the Steps section.

Vertical height can be adjusted between 430 and 3650 mm along with the inclination and type of treads.

details of your configuration SAMPLE
Vertical height:900 mm
Inclination:45 °
Projection:972 mm
Number of treads:5
 EN ISO 14 122
Permitted loading capacity of steps:150 kg
Permitted loading capacity:300 kg

Links to the main sections are shown below. Depending on your internet speed please allow time for the design software to load.

Our new Viewer allows you to view the product in 3 perspectives: You can switch between 3D-View, Front view, and side view easily using a small button directly underneath the picture.
In addition you can hide and show the dimensions directly in the image.
Give it a try yourself!

Mobile access steps with cantilever platform extension

New, mobile access steps can be specified with a cantilever extension to bridge over hard to reach places. Maximum total load 150 kg.

Discover the new features of the platform steps

The platform steps now offer even more options:
– Maximum platform height now 1500 mm
– Anti-slip plastic feet with or without wheels
– Floor mounting brackets

Freestanding stairs with landing platform

New, stairs with landing platforms above 1500 mm can be specified with support frames to create free-standing platforms. 


steps configuration 

Platform Steps

platform steps configuration 

Mobile access steps with platform

 mobile access steps configuration

Bridging steps

bridging steps configuration 

Mobile bridging steps

mobile bridging steps configuration 

Platform steps

standard steps configuration

Design and Create your custom access equipment using the interactive site here.

Please see our Safety Steps shop below for more options.