As part of our display furniture section, we have poster display and signage products that can be wall mounted or freestanding. These display stands can be used for a wide range of information displays, such as posters for news and health & safety information. We also have a select range of glass display cases.

Internal or External job vacancies boards along with trophy and product display cases. The display furniture includes lockable cabinets for posters and general information, along with chalkboards for pavement cafés.

Custom glass display cabinets can also be manufactured for trophies or special collections!

Star wars glass display cabinet

This range of glass trophy cabinets are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, using raw materials which are sourced locally. We provide our clients with the best possible product to display their medals, trophies, exhibits or other precious items.

Manufactured in their own factory here in the UK. They offer standard measurements, or they can manufacture to your precise design and dimensions, giving you a personal and bespoke finish to your end product.

glass trophy case

Freestanding glass trophy cabinet with satin stainless-steel legs in a corporate reception.

Using stainless-steel patch fitting and frames to provide secure fixing points for the toughened safety glass panels. These trophy cabinets are durable and tough, but still feature beautiful minimalist aesthetics and design.

Suitable for private and commercial applications.

This combination of high-quality product materials and superb design allow our client’s trophies to be viewed without interruption in a beautiful surround.
As these cases do not use heavy-duty construction frames to support the glass, the cabinets truly offer a seamless viewing experience for your precious display items.

The Glass trophy cabinet shown below has been designed and manufactured for a private individual and installed in December 2021. Low voltage lighting adds to the appeal. Steel cable and rods can be used in the design along with acrylic, though we would recommend the toughened glass.

glass trophy display case

front view of glass display case

The TZ range of low voltage lighting lamp holders are manufactured from solid brass with a finish of the absolute highest quality. Brass ensures the best electrical conductivity, and our robust processes and attention to detail at all stages of manufacture ensure we produce safe products which are easy to use and boast supreme longevity.

The lamps in the low voltage lighting range are available with two different styles of heads. The rotating head swings through an arc of 290° in one plane, whereas the multipoise head swings through arcs in two planes, with the first plane turning through 290° and the second 200°. This allows the multipoise head to direct light in almost any direction.

The low voltage lighting cable suspension system utilises a special PVC coated cable which contains tinned copper and stainless steel. It features special nylon end stops and tensioners with a nylon barrel, which isolate the system from the substrate they may be fixed to. Standard fixing plates are available in satin anodised aluminium.

An isolated inline tensioner is also available to break up runs of over 6 metres. This gives extra tension and allows each 3-metre run to have up to a maximum of 6×50 watt bulbs when using a 300 VA transformer.

The popular lockable poster case is available to suit various sizes such as A4 or A3

lpc1003 display poster case

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We have poster display and signage products that can be wall mounted or free-standing.

These display stands can be used for a wide range of information displays, such as posters for news and health and safety information.

As well as trophy and product display cases.

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