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Dog Waste Bins

dog waste stations colour choices

Dog waste bins and stations are needed in public areas to allow responsible pet owners somewhere to dispose the biological waste from the dogs and to segregate it from the general waste and litter. This not only helps when it comes to emptying but also stops the spread of bacteria and reduces the budget significantly for the cleaning of public spaces.

1 in every 4 households has a dog and the ;range responds to ;the needs of canine hygiene with ;its wall mounted dispensers and its ;dog waste stations offering various ;bins and bag holders.

Hygeca Dog Waste Station

59920 dog waste station


  •  Anti-corrosion treated steel
  •  Anti-UV powder coated steel.
  •  Composition of the floor anchoring kit: ;POST STAND + DISPENSE + SIGNAGE
  •  Front opening and key lock
  •  Bags held in place by a hook
  •  Possibility of adapting a bin or a bag holder ;on the HYGECA system

Possible compositions using existing bins or some of our other models.

dog waste choices

Wall mounted dog waste bag dispenser

wall mounted bag dispenser

• Anti-corrosion treated steel
• Anti-UV powder coated steelf.
• 4-point wall mounting system
• Front opening and key lock
• Bags held in place by a hook

Dog Waste Sacks and Bin Combination

dog waste bin and bags gerand

Doggy – Dog Waste Bin

Dog Waste Bin Doggybin

Dog waste on pavements, grass verges, parks and children’s play areas is at best a nuisance and at worst a serious health hazard.

The Doggy bin has been specifically designed to make the disposal of dog waste as hygienic and simple as possible

Deodorizing block in lid. Heavy duty red polythene bag together with galvanised metal liner. Replacement bags and air freshener blocks available (see accessories)

May be post or wall mounted. 3” diameter post available if required (see accessories).

Supplied in Red or Dark Green. Jubilee clips available for post mounting if required (ask for ; accessories).


  • Height: ;770 ;mm
  • Diameter: ;330 ;mm
  • Capacity: ;40.0 ;litres
Available in Red as shown or Green and with dog logo as standard
Dog Waste Bin Fresheners
Dog Waste Bin Fresheners

Box of 36.

For Dog Bins Only

Dog Waste Bin Polythene Liners

Dog Waste Bin Polythene Liners

Box of 100.

For Dog bins only.

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