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Drum Storage


A range of steel drum storage options that include a secure shelter, drum rack and a steel sump with 250 litres capacity.

 Image above showing double gated drum shelter with optional drum racks and sump.

Designed for the secure storage of cylinders, drums components and products. These covered shelters provide a facility to store items securely outside a building. Built from square section steel frame with galvanized steel panel to the sides and rear, these storage shelter are robust and weather resistant.

Drum Racks


  • Strong, stackable and easily transported.
  • Designed for two 210 litre drum.
  • Steel construction for extra strength,.
  • Pallet free enable stacking up to three high –two high only in shelter.

Heavy Duty Steel Sump


  • Welded steel heavy-duty sump for spills and leaks containment.
  • Full 250-litre capacity.
  • Transportable by fork lift.
  • Fork truck guides raise sump off floor.
  • Powder coated finish.