Ecological Plastic Containers are a new range of low cost plastic containers, manufactured in recycled plastic material and available from stock and available in just one colour Black.

Recycled Euro stacking containers

Recycled Euro stacking containers

Stacking containers with vertical sides for maximum internal volume. Containers inter-stack to form a compact handling unit.


Recycled Attached Lid Containers 

Recycled Attached Lid Containers

Incorporating an integral hinged lid and tamper-evident security, containers nest when empty to save valuable space on return transport.


Recycled  Maxinest Stack and Nest Plastic Containers

Recycled  Maxinest Stack and Nest Plastic Containers

Containers securely stack on bale-arms and nest when empty, with bale-arms pushed back, for efficient return logistics.


Recycled Plastic pallets

Recycled Plastic pallets

Lightweight distribution pallets provide significant fuel savings over heavier pallets. Pallets nest for return trip.

Please find the complete range of recycled plastic ECO containers listed below.