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Economical Drum Store

economical drum store P3201413

Economical or budget plastic drum stores for use within more secured site applications this budget drum store cuts the price drastically compared to the all steel versions we offer and gives good weather protection and a choice of colours where you need fast identification of the different chemicals on site.

Model P3201413

Covered Four Drum Spill Pallet


  •  Corrosion resistant.
  •  Weatherproof
  •  Suitable for most IBC footprints.
  •  Forklift pockets for moving empty units.
  •  Removable decking to assist cleaning.
  •  Robust 100% polyethylene construction.
  •  Dimensions – 142 cm x 131 cm x 187 cm
  •  Weight – 54 kg
  •  Sump – 410 Litre
  •  UDL – 1250 kg

Covered Double IBC / Drum Store

economical drum store P3202614

Product Code P3202614