Electronic Lockers and Hotlockers

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Workplace lockers have been reinvented. Advanced integrated and electronic locker systems for the companies and employees of the future.

Increased competition to attract and retain top talent shines a spotlight on the need for staff to have their own personal storage: workplace lockers.

Workplace lockers are a minimum requirement, but our HotLocker Agile lockers go beyond that in generation Z attraction and compatibility. Our lockers are not only brimming with design appeal but are future-proof and tech enabled. Allocated on an individual basis, staff can assign themselves a locker for a day’s work using their phone, oyster or bank card using a green/red light system and a central self-service terminal.

RFID Locker with Oyster card

These lockers are perfect for the agile workers of the world, allowing companies with multiple offices to provide for their staff with an integrated system. Save money and time by sharing one locker to multiple staff, perfect for the forward-thinking company.

Handles & Locks

Multiple handle options available or doors can be fitted with a specified alternative.

  • Push-Button Combination
  • Nano Lock
  • Mechanical Combination White
  • Mechanical Combination Black
  • Padlock
  • Digital Minipad
  • Executive Digital Combination
  • Executive RFIO Swipe


  • Hotbox
  • Coat hangers
  • Garment rails
  • Number discs
  • Card holder
  • Shelves & dividers
  • Post slot

Door Sizes

hotlocker door sizes

Module Widths

500, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 mm

Module Depths

hotlocker module depths available


black lockers with touch screen

Black Lockers with different sized doors and a touch screen interface along with combination locks.

hotlocker with storage and Shelving

Hotlocker with RFID Locks and shelving and cupboards.

integrated lockers Media and Seating

Integrated Lockers, Storage, Media and Furniture

Merlin Hotlockers

Locker doors can be finished in plain colours or wood effects.

Download the 2017 Standard Locker Pricelist.

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