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eRange Executive Office Furniture

eRange Executive Office Furniture is designed for the iPhone era and demanding customers. We care about the details. That is why the eRange, an executive furniture system, was developed at the London design studio for the modern office requirements but with added style and panache.

The eRange furniture system is expressed in a revolutionary and stylish form that is based on the modernist ideas of the Bauhaus and functionalism. We present a dynamic solution for those who are demanding of others, but can be demanding of themselves too.

dark and light contrasting desk

The designers describe it as follows: “eRange” is a contemporary yet timeless system. The ‘e’ refers to electronics, but it also stands for “essential”. The eRange is a refined, modern and discrete system. It is a pure form of elegance. With the eRange, top quality comes as a standard.


Creative work requires stimulation and a work environment should support the formation of brave concepts.

Your space must have personality and emphasise boldly who you are. It must show that you value challenges. Let it be modern, yet elegant and timeless. A blend of black and veneer is the choice of those who are conscious, brave, and open to new perspectives. Combined with the furniture’s modern line, that creates a bold and dynamic interior. The eRange is a solution for professionals and visionaries, such as yourself.

desk with glass inlay

The eRange was made by perfectionists, for perfectionists. Furniture created by the London studio is both beautiful and functional. The eRange works hand in hand with you and assists in your work. It offers comfort so that your talent can thrive unhampered.  It is your faithful partner on the way to real success. Comfort and aesthetics go well together, providing you with the luxury you deserve.



Steadfast, determined and consequent – that is what the world of business is like. And so is the eRange: uncompromising, when it goes for style, but willing to cooperate and take on clearly defined tasks.

Secret compartments are also available in the eRange of executive desking.

desk secret compartment

The eRange managerial office arranged in black and white is expressive and functional. All of its components, such as the power supply ports and the clever storage compartments, do their job, while at the same time they form a part of an aesthetically pleasing whole. The eRange is a transparent system offering refined and practical space – perfect for business meetings and negotiations. The eRange offers solutions for those who take luxury for granted.




Offices flowing with positive energy stimulates one into action, an office in which optimism prevails. A perfect place for creativity and innovation. The solution for professionals who have tasted success early and are still enjoying it.

Electric height adjustment is also available for the busy executive that wants choices in their work environment.

lowered electric executive desk

raised electric executive desk

Today’s world creates opportunity for rapid development. Only some people know how to use it well. The eRange is a managerial office system that individuals can use to express their extraordinary talent and skills. It offers space for creative people. It is just like them: clear, consistent and intelligent.

Clear digital height adjustment with four position memory to suit your way of working.

digital desk height adjustment



A classic and calm space. The conference room is the heart of any company – it is here that strategic plans are made and important decisions taken. It is here that initial proposals are put forward, and finishing touches are made.

boardroom table with eight chairs

Employees of your company work together on key projects and their implementation. The space in which they meet must be unique. The eRange was made with them in mind: a line of conference room furniture designed to assist a dynamic manager and his or her team. The system creates an aesthetically pleasing, toned-down interior which helps concentration to identify the best solutions.



The eRange arrangement in classic style is a marriage of tradition and modern design. It is not a marriage of convenience – it is an elegant, harmonious and refined composition.

desk return storage compartment

Furniture in classic cherry colour harmonises with elegant interior finishes and fine antiques. The interior takes on a unique character, appreciated by even the most sublime connoisseurs of beauty. This arrangement emphasises the company’s solid foundations, the prestige of the place and the position of the office owner. It will work our perfectly well at a law or notary’s office, where respect for tradition and trust are of special importance. The eRange is a product for those who value tradition and modern solutions.


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eRange brochure 2021 technical specifications and prices.