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Treston Storage Bins

Treston Storage Bins with corrugated base are suitable for all standard shelves with a depth 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm. The corrugated base design eases the picking of the smallest of items. These Treston bins stack securely, as do bins of different depths when the width is the same. Material: semi-conductive polypropylene. Full width label with protective shield is included with the bin. Label holders simply lift off when necessary. Shield is not conductive.

Accessories: cross dividers.

Treston Storage bin with smooth base 1562-4ESD 3

Storage bins, with smooth sides and bases, are effective space savers. Bin 1562 is specifically designed for storing IC dispensing tubes. Material: semi-conductive polystyrene. Label with protective shield is included with the bin. Shields are not conductive.

Treston Accessories: cross or length way dividers.

Open Fronted Treston Bins ESD For The Electronic Industry

Open fronted bins ESD

Stacking bins

For use on louvred panel and rail systems. Their open front design gives good access. Corrugated base eases the picking of the smallest of items. Material: Semi-conductive polypropylene (PP).

Accessories: Cross dividers are of semi-conductive epoxy powder coated steel. Label with shield, shields are not conductive.


Treston ESD picking bins

Picking Bins

Picking Bins

Picking bins are intended for repeated and rapid picking.

Material: Semi-conductive polystyrene (PS).


Treston ESD storage boxes

Storage Boxes ESD

Treston Storage boxes

Straight sided storage boxes of 18 and 36 litre capacity are used for internal and external transport systems. These have integral handles and stack securely together. Material: Semi-conductive polystyrene (PS).

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