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ESD Storage Cabinets

ESD small parts storage cabinets

The use of storage cabinets with ESD protection in EPAs reduces the occurrence of ESD damage. The product families of the Treston industrial furniture range contain ergonomic storage and cabinets, for designing a functional workstation or a complete workspace for an EPA. Earthing kits, ESD wrist straps, and ESD mats are also available. Treston products meets the requirements of the standard IEC 61340-5-1.

ESD Storage Bin Cabinets 

2440 storage cabinet on wheels ESD

ESD stalwart storage bin cabinets are an easy way of storing different components and products, including slightly larger ones, so that they can be kept well-organised and readily available. They only take up a little floor space, but by using dividers, a large unit can have as many as 336 separate sections in total. Smaller cabinets can be mounted on a wall, stacked on top of each other on the floor, or mounted on a turntable.

Accessories, such as a locking system and wheels, make the esd bin cabinets very user-friendly.

ESD Storage bin cabinets


  • The bin cabinets include a frame and shelf bins with labels
  • A sturdy steel frame that can withstand heavy-duty use
  • A backstop prevents the bins from falling off
  • Maximum load per large storage bin cabinet 240 kg, 30 kg per shelf; required floor area 0.25 m2
  • Adjustable leg caps help ensure that large cabinets stand straight and firmly in place on uneven floors
  • Equipped with wheels, large bin cabinets serve as mobile storage solutions
  • Accessories include retaining bars, which prevent the drawers from opening if the cabinet is kept on board a service vehicle, for example
  • Models without ESD protection are also available

Spacemisers Turntable Cabinets

Spacemiser 12 550

Free-standing turntable units take up very little floor space, but help maximise the capacity to store different kinds of parts. The units come in many sizes, and models are available both for small-parts cabinets and for storage bin cabinets, which are larger. The type of bin cabinet can be chosen based on the user’s own needs, and these must be ordered separately. A bench-top version is also available. Turntable units are suitable for use in areas such as production facilities, stores, and warehouses.


  • The small-parts turntable unit takes up only 0.25 m2, and has room for 12 cabinets
  • The storage bin turntable unit takes up only 0.64 m2, and has room for 16 cabinets
  • Up to 720/256 cabinets, and the possibility for more than 1,000 compartments
  • The units are sturdy and stay in place; the load capacity is 400 kg/800 kg
  • Easy to assemble; some models can even be put together without tools
  • Models without ESD protection are also available, like the model below;

Spacemiser with red bins 16 400

ESD Steel Cabinet

cabinet 80100 1 esd steel storage cupboard

Cabinet 80/100-1 ESD

Product facts

Product codeC30549001
Width mm800
Depth mm425
Height mm1000
Forklift baseYes
Includes Accessories

1 x cabinet frame 80/100 (C30507000),

2 x steel shelf 80 (854345-49)

Available Accessories

Perforated panel for the back wall M750 (835633-49),

A Pair of steel dividers (861116-49),

Steel shelf 80 (854345-49),

Shelf divider (832839-49),

Shelf divider (832847-49),

Shelf divider (832855-49), Ex

RAL codeRAL7035
Colour nameLight grey
Availability FinlandAssemble to order product, ready to ship in 2 weeks
Availability BelgiumMake to order product, ready to ship in 4 weeks
Frame materialEpoxy powder-coated steel
Warranty years5

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