Euro Container Trolleys

CT400 GROUP Euro container trolleys

Euro container trolleys are for mobilising one of the most popular sized plastic containers across the continent, and our trolleys also called mobile tray trolleys are popular as a means to transport a large amount of the containers and also to provide a means of storage when not in use. As well as the fixed container trolleys, we also have an adjustable one so that different depth plastic containers can be accommodated.

3 Tier Mobile Euro Trolleys

CT06 Euro container trolleys

Model CT06

Capacity 150 kg UDL with drop-in ply shelves or Euro trays
Welded tubular and angle frame construction,
Overall H x L x W : 1200 x 915 x 470 mm
2 fixed — 2 swivel castors with 125 mm diameter rubber tyred wheels with Roller bearings.

  • Finish: Blue epoxy
  • Tray specification (Stock Trolleys and Container Trolleys)
  • Solid base/sides – Hand grips 4 sides
  • External H x W x L: 118 x 400 x 600 mm
  • Internal H x W x L: 105 x 355 x 554 mm
  • Thermal resistance -30oC to +60oC
  • Washable up to 110oC Non-toxic polyethylene
  • Not suitable for food or medical etc.

Includes 3 x Drop in Euro containers

The top two levels can be tilted, offering an easy picking method.

 Euro Container Box Trays

CT206 Euro container trolleys

Part of a group of trolleys.

CT200 GROUP Euro container trolleys

As per the images, the trolleys are complete with specified Euro Container Box Trays external dimensions L x W 600 x 400 mm.
Open at one end, steel construction: Welded square section steel tube construction with formed tray supports and steel top cover. Metal strap prevents trays being pushed through when loading.

Wheels: 4 swivel castors with 100 mm diameter nylon wheels. Finish: Blue epoxy coated.

 No of Euro

Plastic Trays

Internal Tray

Height mm



Overall Rack

Height mm


L x W mm

6 x PC005105 mm381100700 x 525CT206
8 x PC005105 mm461405CT208
10 x PC005105 mm531710CT210

Mobile Euro Tray Trolleys

A versatile range of mobile steel racks. Welded square section steel tube construction with formed tray supports. Supplied complete with grey European 600 x 400 mm plastic containers.

Wheels: All swivel castors with 100 mm diameter nylon wheels. Trays: 21 litre solid grey containers. Finish: Red epoxy.

 No. of TraysOverall Size

L x W x H mm

Weight kgTotal Load

Capacity kg

2 x 5955 x 650 x 94550200CT405
6525 x 650 x 110033200CT406
8525 x 650 x 140541200CT408
10525 x 650 x 171048200CT410

Adjustable Euro Tray Rack

CT270 3 Euro container trolleys

Adjustable shelf supports allow this tray trolley to be customised to your requirements with deeper containers on the bottom and shallow containers on the top or arranged in any way you wish.

CT270 FITTING 1 Euro container trolleys

Close up of the easy to adjust tray runner, allowing a quick change to suit the containers available.

CT270 Euro container trolleys

CT270 Fully Loaded with European plastic containers.


  • Complete with specified Euro Container Box Trays as stated below (L x W) 600 x 400 mm external.
  • Rack constructions: Welded square section steel tube base, formed sheet steel uprights and zinc plated tray supports.
  • Fully adjustable tray levels with 60 possible runner positions – making this tray rack extremely versatile.
  • Just choose the container required and where to position it – multiple combinations – supplied complete with 10 x pairs of tray runners.
  • A metal strap prevents trays from being pushed through when loading.
  • Wheels: 4 swivel castors with 100 mm diameter nylon wheels and roller bearings
  • Finish: Light grey epoxy.
  • Weight: 25kgs empty.
No of TraysTrays Heights


Overall Sizes

H x W x D mm


1725 x 500 x 650

1010 x 120 mmCT271
83 x 120 mm,

4 x 175 mm,

1 x 235 mm


Mobile Euro Container Racks

CT300 GROUP 1 Euro container trolleys


  • Trolleys supplied with white non-toxic polyethylene food grade trays.
  • All welded angle construction.
  • Plastic trays slide onto fixed metal tray supports.
  • Metal strap prevents trays being pushed through when  loading.
  • Optional steel top cover.
  • Wheels: 4 swivel castors, white nylon 100 mm diameter wheels
  • Finish: Red epoxy.
  • Tray specification: All round grip. Solid base and sides
  • External H x W x L: 80 x 450 x 754 mm
  • Internal H x W x L: 68 x 412 x 717 mm
  • Thermal  resistance: -30 Deg.C to +60 Deg.C, washable up to 110 Deg.C
 No. of TraysOverall Area


Overall Height




6780 x 53089036CT306
8780 x 530112045CT308
10780 x 530132053CT310
12780 x 530158062CT312
16780 x 530200074CT316

Download all the euro container trolleys in the 4-page brochure here.

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