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Fireproof Safes

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Fireproof safes. As well as protecting items from theft, these safes are designed to protect from fire. Fire protection is normally rated at temperature in time, such as the filing cabinets that can withstand temperatures up to 950 degrees C for an hour.

In the aftermath of a fire, access to important documents such as insurance policies, wills, passports and certificates is essential to getting back on your feet. The following range of modern, high security, fire resistant safes and vaults are manufactured to the highest standards and independently tested and approved for both fire protection and physical attack.

Mini Vaults

mini fire vaults gold

The Mini Vault Gold FR is ideal for the safekeeping of documents, valuables and cash. Whilst the manufacturing techniques used are intrinsically the same as Mini Vault Silver, the FR model benefits from a double walled construction, with a fire resistant barrier material to DIN 4102. The inclusion of this second level of protection gives the FR model a higher cash rating in addition to its fire protection.

Combined body thickness of 6 mm, an 8 mm anti-bludgeon door with 25 mm hardened steel locking bolts.
Available in 3 sizes.
Choice of key or electronic locking mechanisms. The electronic options offer changeable codes, multiple users, low-power warning and LED indicators.
All models include jewellery shelf (where applicable) and battery operated motion sensitive light, fixing bolts, batteries and operating instructions.
Insurance companies’ ratings can vary with higher or lower figures applied depending upon risk, location and locking option. If it is important, then please check with your insurers.

Mini Vault S2 Gold FR

mini fire vault s2

This fire resistant safe has a double wall construction, with fire resistant barrier material to DIN 4102. Available in a range of sizes and locking mechanisms, it will keep your valuables secure should the unthinkable happen.

Master Lock Fireproof Safes

master lock fireproof safes

The perfect solution for storing important documents and valuables, the Master Lock fireproof safes are UL classified and offer 60 minute protection at 927˚C or 120 minute protection at 1010˚C. All models are ETL verified, water resistant for 24 hours to a depth of 200 mm, and can be locked via a programmable digital keypad.

Fire Stores

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Our range of secure fire and burglary resistant storage cabinets are an affordable solution for the safekeeping of both valuables and documents.

The cabinets are double-walled with a fire resistant infill to DIN 4102

Each model is fitted as standard with five heavy-duty locking bolts secured on three sides and a VdS approved safe lock.

Insurance companies’ ratings can vary with higher or lower figures applied depending upon risk, location and locking option. If it is important, then please check with your insurers.


Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets

fire resistant filing cabinet four drawer

Making for a safe and stylish addition to any office, these sleek Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets are treated with Insulite for complete insulation. This makes them both durable and fire resistant for an hour in temperatures of up to 950°C.

Our Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets feature a rugged suspension system, movable hanging frames to accommodate all file sizes, as well as recessed handles and inner steel drawer jackets. The latter of which prevents access to unlocked compartments and individually insulated drawers, helping to prevent the spread of fire should a drawer be left open.



External H: 1406 mm W: 528 mm D: 675 mm
Weight: 266 kg

Fireproof Chests

masterlock fire resistant chest

The Master Lock Fireproof Chests provide a simple and affordable protection against fire and are perfect for domestic and light commercial applications. The Master Lock Fireproof Chest range comprises 4 models, with fire ratings of 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Available in capacities from 5 litres to 18.5 litres and models offering water resistance of up to 72 hours.

For further information and data sheets, please contact Merlin Industrial Products Ltd



Please browse the Masterlock safe and security brochure and let us know if you would like a quote on any of the models shown.