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Forklift Capable Plastic Tanks

forklift plastic tanks

Plastic tanks from 150 to 300 litre capacity and all able to be handled and moved using a forklift truck. Designed as large mortar bins these industrially designed plastic bins can be used with a wide range of liquids and materials.

Strong, rigid and durable

Rigid, strong and durable – and sensibly priced!

Fork lift mortar bins that are light weight, easy to handle and store

The revolutionary range of rotationally moulded mortar bins has been developed in close co-operation with major construction and mortar companies.

The result is a range of forklift able bins available in a variety of sizes and colours – which on larger orders can be company specific and include a moulded logo.

Made from high quality polyethylene, these plastic bins have rigidity under load achieved by radiused and roll formed corners, box strengthening ribs and heavy duty pallet channels running the whole width of the container.

The high density and integral strength of rotational moulding overcomes the potential hazards of conventional mortar handling at a sensible cost.
Tested and certified – the safest way to lift mortar!

All of these fork lift mortar bins have been rigorously tested and certified to meet the relevant regulations – making these forklift bins from Merlin Industrial the safest method of lifting materials around any building or construction site.

150 Litre capacity Forklift Bin.

forklift tanks 150 litre bin

Ideal for mortar or plaster

With an angled face for ease of scooping material out, the 150 Litre Euro can be fork lifted.


Length 760 mm
Width 710 mm
Height 590 mm
Capacity 150 litres

200 Litre FTL Mortar Bin

forklift tanks 200 ftl


Length 1090 mm
Width 740 mm
Height 585 mm
Capacity 200 litres
Notes With twin skin feet

250 Litre ECO Tank

“Eco” Mortar Bin with 250 litres capacity
Twin skin feet base gives easy access for forklifting and movement on site

forklift tanks 250 eco


Length 1345 mm
Width 760 mm
Height 635 mm
Capacity 250 litres

250 Litre FTL Tank

The safest tub on the market for lifting mortar at height, having the fork tines fully enclosed
With ribbed body and fully enclosed channelled feet

forklift tanks 250 ftl


Length 1120 mm
Width 860 mm
Height 635 mm
Capacity 250 litres

250 Litre TL Tanks

Fork Lift Mortar Bin with 250 litres capacity
Traditional tub for the storage and handling of mortar

forklift tanks 250 tl Yellow



Length 1065 mm
Width 760 mm
Height 560 mm
Capacity 250 litres

250 Litre Twin Skin

Lifted from the base
The 250 Litre Twin Skin Mortar Bin gives you strength and rigidity within it’s design

forklift tanks 250 ts


Length 1180 mm
Width 760 mm
Height 580 mm
Capacity 250 litres

300 Litre FTL Tub

The 300 Litre FTL is a proven bin for the handling of construction waste
With a ribbed body and twin skin feet

forklift tanks 300 mortar tub


Length 1325 mm
Width 860 mm
Height 585 mm
Capacity 300 litres

300 Litre UNI Tub

A popular choice for silos
This mortar bin is liftable through channelled feet

forklift tanks 300 uni



Length 1055 mm
Width 765 mm
Height 600 mm
Capacity 300 litres