Free Recycling Posters

Merlin Industrial would like to help companies and individuals to recycle more. This page offers a free resource of A4 and A3 posters courtesy of Leafield Environmental.  Please select the ones you would like to download the PDF that can then be printed and placed near your bin to promote recycling.

We have 30 posters listed below in A4 or A3 format that can be downloaded and printed locally. Please note that, if you need a professionally printed sign / poster our signs shop can help here;Safety Signs Shop


A4 Food Waste

A4 General Waste

A4 Mixed Recycling


A4 Paper Waste

A4 Plastic Waste

A4 WRAP Paper


A4 Poster WRAP Varied

A4 Plastics to T-Shirts


Food Waste Bin Poster

A4 Aluminium Cans

A3 confidential paper 


A3 general waste

A3 mixed recycling

A3 70/30 Split

A3 70/30 dry mixed

A3 70/30 Plastic Cups

A3 Poster Plastics

A4 Poster Cans

A3 Aluminium Cans

A3 70/30 Plastics / Paper

A3 30/40/30 Mixed

A3 70/30 Dry/Liquids

A3 70/30 General / Food

A3 70/30 Mixed / Food

A3 70/30 Mixed / General

A3 30/40/30 Mixed

A3 30/40/30 Mixed

A3 30/40/30 Mixed


A3 30/40/30 Mixed


A3 30/40/30 Mixed

Please find the Internal and External Recycling bin brochure below if you need something to go with your poster.