Enclosed Drum stores for horizontal and vertical storage with integral sump for the safe collection of leaks and spillages. These units will require a forklift for unloading. Manufactured in the UK and designed for industrial use.


Product Information

  • Comply to control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) regulations 2001
  • All units are fitted with a lid which can be locked open.
  • 1 drum units have one door, 2 and 4 drum units have 2 doors except model DH204Z which has a fixed lid.
  • All units have three point locking, supplied with lock and keys.
  • Vertical units have galvanised grid floor and horizontal units have an open topped sump with drain plug.
ModelVertical or HorizontalSize W x D x H mmSump CapacityDrums Stored
DH241ZVertical Storage800 x 800 x 1470234 litres1
DH242ZVertical Storage1510 x 750 x 1470263 litres2
DH201ZHorizontal Storage1250 x 800 x 1280233 litres1
DH202ZHorizontal Storage1510 x 1250 x 1280439 litres2
DH204ZHorizontal Storage1510 x 1250 x 2170439 litres4
DH244ZVertical Storage1510 x 1250 x 1470439 litres4