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Gas Cylinder handler for Forklifts


Gas Cylinder handler for Forklifts. This fork mounted multi-cylinder gas bottle handler has been designed to facilitate the safe movement of various Gas Bottles of differing diameters and weights.

Securely fitted to the forklift truck via heel pin retention and with very low loading height to mitigate manual handling.

All bottles are restrained in place by a ratchet strap, each side.

Approximate lead time: 2-3 days. If for any reason this product is currently unavailable, one of our team will give you a call to discuss expected lead times.

Gas Cylinder handler for Forklifts

gas bottle forklift attachment


Bottle Type: Butane

  • 4.5KG = 240 mm Diameter.
  • 6KG = 306 mm Diameter.
  • 7KG = 256 mm Diameter.
  • 15KG = 318 mm Diameter.


Bottle Type: Propane

  • 3.9KG = 240 mm Diameter.
  • 5KG = 306 mm Diameter.
  • 6KG = 256 mm Diameter.
  • 13KG = 318 mm Diameter.
  • 19KG = 318 mm Diameter.

Standard Features

  • Robust and Sturdy Construction
  • Low Loading Height
  • 2 Off Webbing Ratchet Straps for safe securing of bottles
  • Maximum fork section 150 x 60 at 800 mm centres
  • Zinc Plated Heel Pins for safe attachment to the truck
  • Painted Bright Orange for safety

View the Data sheet below or download here for future reference.

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