climb it glass fibre platform stepladders

Glass Fibre Safety Steps

Glass Fibre Safety Steps insulated up to 30,000 volts offer real protection for staff working at heights and near or on electrical equipment. Our glass fibre safety steps are Certified to EN 131 Professional.

Climb-It Glass Fibre Platform Stepladders

The integrated and useful tool holder is now supplied with all these glass fibre steps.


  • Certified to EN 131 Professional
  • Rubber feet & aluminium side arms help prevent slips & twists as there are no tapes or flimsy arms to break
  • Integral tool tray incorporates a bucket hook & 110mm & 180mm recesses for holding paint cans
  • Lightweight steps with high safety rail providing added safety when working at high levels
  • Integral tool tray for holding tools
  • Insulated to 30,000 volts
GFP43Z No. of Treads / Platform Height: 3 / 725mm 
Size when Open H x W x D mm: 1350 x 490 x 810 
Folded Height mm: 1490 
GFP44Z No. of Treads / Platform Height: 4 / 950mm 
Size when Open H x W x D mm: 1590 x 525 x 970 
Folded Height mm: 1740 
GFP45Z No. of Treads / Platform Height: 5 / 1190mm 
Size when Open H x W x D mm: 1930 x 555 x 1130 
Folded Height mm: 1980 
GFP46Z No. of Treads / Platform Height: 6 / 1420mm 
Size when Open H x W x D mm: 2054 x 585 x 1300 
Folded Height mm: 2260 
GFP47Z No. of Treads / Platform Height: 7 / 1650mm 
Size when Open H x W x D mm: 2280 x 620 x 1460 
Folded Height mm: 2490 
GFP48Z No. of Treads / Platform Height: 8 / 1885mm 
Size when Open H x W x D mm: 2530 x 650 x 1610 
Folded Height mm: 2740 

Glass Fibre 3 Way Combination Ladder

  • Insulated to 10,000 volts
  • Ideal for use in an electrical environment
  • Available for use as a stepladder, extension ladder & freestanding extension ladder. Unique Sliding mechanism makes conversion between modes easy
  • Manufactured from a glass fibre frame with aluminium rungs & nylon support strap
  • Non-slip treads for comfort & safety
  • Wide base & heavy duty feet for stability & grip
  • Available in 7 working days
GFL06Z No of Treads: 6 
Weight kg: 13 
Stepladder Overall Height mm: 2400 
Extension Ladder Length mm: 3400 
Height When Folded mm: 1770 
GFL07Z No of Treads: 7 
Weight kg: 14.5 
Stepladder Overall Height mm: 3000 
Extension Ladder Length mm: 4000 
Height When Folded mm: 1900 

Aluminium Platform – Glass Fibre Legs

  • Insulated to 10,000 Volts
  • Ideal for compact storage & transportation as the unit is lightweight & the legs fold neatly underneath the platform
  • The large serrated platform gives an anti-slip work surface
  • Available in 3 working days


APJ03Z Weight kg: 8 
No. of Treads / Platform Height: 2 / 470mm 
Platform Size L x W mm: 610 x 610 
Folded Size L x W x H mm: 700 x 610 x 210 

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