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Glass and Acrylic Office Screens

Glass reception screens as per phillips

Glass and Acrylic screens allow maximum light within a space while also offering a way to define areas and routes. The Glass screens can be supplied in clear, frosted and even sign written versions with company logos and manifestations.  Our new protect plastic screens are designed to protect staff from airborne contaminants and are extremely popular during the Coronavirus outbreak.

As well as the glazed screens we can supply information display stands perfect for menu and brochure display. Suitable as security screens for existing reception units preventing abuse and contamination.


UV rated PET-G

Screens COVSC2010MLX 2000x1000

UV protected PET-G plastic is food safe and offers good impact resistance and is suitable for external use. Very clear and easy to clean this material is currently available unlike the acrylics which are experiencing a worldwide storage.

Mobile pvc screens desk division

Available with a 7 to 10-day lead time.

2 x sizes 750 and 1000 mm wide all by 2000 mm high

Static or Mobile.

Current PET-G prices here


Twin Corrugated Polycarbonate

corrugated clear screens around desk 800


With the current World shortage of Acrylic screens for offices Merlin can now offer a twin wall polycarbonate solution. These desktop screens offer added protection as the finished height is 750 mm above the desk compared to 700 mm for the acrylic models. We can also offer a better delivery option as these are available in less than 3 weeks compared to the current 6 weeks plus for acrylic. (Correct as of 20th May 2020)

Available as screen toppers as well the complete solution and prices are available here.

corrugated clear screens bracket

Close-up of the professional clamping and bracket system.

  • Supplied with universal brackets to fit all existing screens
  • Ensures users are separated but can maintain visual contact
  • Clear screens, easy to maintain & supports anti-bacterial clean

New Stainless and Aluminium Screen Mounts

Acrylic desk screens M1

Available with or without the acrylic screens from Merlin Industrial and in record time! (Currently 3 to 4 days) The screens shown will have the corners rounded to remove the sharp points.

We have a wide range of sizes available now from stock.

Acrylic desk screens M2

The feet are also stocked in a circular button or 300 mm stand in both aluminium or stainless steel.

Stainless steel circular foot close up

Close-up of the stainless-steel circular foot.

stainless steel 300mm acrylic feet

Close-up of the stainless-steel 300 mm foot.

All Merlin feet can be supplied with adhesive tape to the bases stopping slippage.

Free-standing high screens – ACRYLIC

  • Supplied with metal feet for perfect stability on the worktop
  • Ensures users are separated but can maintain visual contact
  • Clear screens, easy to maintain & supports anti-bacterial cleaning

Free-standing high screens with cut-outs – ACRYLIC

  • Clear screens with letterbox-style cut-outs to safely pass documents
  • Anti-bacterial protection ideal for workstations, hotels and receptions 
  • Supplied with metal feet for perfect stability on the worktop

reception acrylic safety screen


Maximum light and visibility with glass screens

frosted screens freestanding allow light and privacy

glass screens with manifestations

Clear glass screens can be used as the hygienic way to cordon off an area such as a waiting room in a hospital or laboratory where the stainless-steel posts and toughened glass allow for a very bacterial safe space and light and visibility is maximised.

Café and Restaurant styled glass screens offer easy to clean surface and maximum light. These can be free-standing, fixed or mobile to suit various table layouts.

restaurant screens with logo

 Howards frosted glazed panels

If you need an attractive glass screen for your showroom or reception consider glass as in this popular car showroom.

Dunstable glazed screens freestanding with attractive vinyl markings

Glass or Perspex screens for all areas incorporating various designs and logos.


Reception Desk Glass Security Screens

reception desk security glass screens

Reception Desk Security Screens

This purpose made stainless steel post mounted screen using obscured toughened glass provides both physical protection and safeguards documents.

Replacement desks can be supplied surprisingly economically to be smart, safe and ergonomically designed while conforming to DDA guidelines within the confines of existing surgeries. Alternatively, where desks are adequate except that staff are exposed to the risk of assault then purpose made toughened glass screens are supplied quickly and at modest cost to safeguard staff.

Reception screens installed 18th June 2020

amcor reception glass screens

Below 3 mm Acrylic screens with screw down posts shown at a recent bar installation.

bar 4xscreens screw down feet

Below 3 mm Acrylic screens installed from the ceiling.

screens from ceiling

Acrylic screens with screw down posts shown at a newsagents’ installation.

Newsagent 3 x panels screwed down