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Handy Lightweight Work Platforms

Aluminium safety platforms APGS models

Handy Lightweight Work Platforms designed for industry that can be used at home or work and then easily put away or stored in a vehicle for later use. These lightweight platforms are also ideal for mobile workers needing some extra reach.

Aluminium Platform with Glass Fibre Legs

aluminum platform with fibre glass legs

  • Certified to EN 14183
  • Ideal for compact storage as the unit is lightweight & the legs fold neatly underneath the platform
  • The large serrated platform gives an anti-slip work surface
  • Insulated to 10,000 volts
APJ04ZPlatform Size L x W x H mm: 600 x 600 x 470
Folded Size L x W x H mm: 700 x 600 x 210

Aluminium Platform

APSW03 Aluminium Platform

  • Comply to EN-131 standard
  • Ideal for compact storage & transportation as the unit is lightweight & the legs fold under the platform
  • The serrated treads and platform helping to give an anti-slip work surface
  • Folded Size of 820L x 400W x 170H mm

APSW03 Aluminium Platform Folded

Model APSW03

  • Weight 5 kg
  • Platform Height 600 mm
  • 2 Steps
  • Platform size 800 long x 300 mm wide

Fort Universal Platforms

Fort Universal Modular Platforms

  • Manufactured and approved to the recognised European GS Standard
  • Non-slip aluminium platform and treads for increased safety
  • Constructed from fully welded tubular steel with either a powder coated or galvanised finish
  • 2 off fixed 125 mm castors at each end of the unit means these units can easily be wheeled into position
  • Optional side & end prices are available
  • Please Note: When purchasing product codes HR200G, HR200Z, HR300G, HR300Z, HR400G, HR400Z, MP100G and MP100Z as items on their own they are subject to an additional carriage charge – please contact us for details.

Fort Universal Modular Platforms in use

Image shows the different sizes and heights of platforms bolted together for safe access to machinery

ModelDescriptionFinishWeight kgPlatform Height mmStepsSize L x W mmPlatform Size L x W mm
MP201A Aluminium platformPainted3650021300 x 670900 x 600
MP201G  Aluminium platformGalvanised3650021300 x 670900 x 600
MP202A  Aluminium platformPainted3750021450 x 6701050 x 600
MP202G  Aluminium platformGalvanised3750021450 x 6701050 x 600
MP203A  Aluminium platformPainted3850021600 x 6701200 x 600
MP203G  Aluminium platformGalvanised3850021600 x 6701200 x 600
MP301A  Aluminium platformPainted4075031475 x 670900 x 600
MP301G  Aluminium platformGalvanised4075031475 x 670900 x 600
MP302A  Aluminium platformPainted4175031625 x 6701050 x 600
MP302G  Aluminium platformGalvanised4175031625 x 6701050 x 600
MP303A  Aluminium platformPainted4275031775 x 6701200 x 600
MP303G  Aluminium platformGalvanised4275031775 x 6701200 x 600
MP401A  Aluminium platformPainted44100041650 x 670900 x 600
MP401G  Aluminium platformGalvanised44100041650 x 670900 x 600
MP402A  Aluminium platformPainted45100041800 x 6701050 x 600
MP402G  Aluminium platformGalvanised45100041800 x 6701050 x 600
MP403A  Aluminium platformPainted46100041950 x 6701200 x 600
MP403G  Aluminium platformGalvanised46100041950 x 6701200 x 600
HR200GOptional Side Handrail for 2 Step UnitGalvanised
HR300ZOptional Side Handrail for 3 Step UnitPainted
HR300GOptional Side Handrail for 3 Step UnitGalvanised
HR400ZOptional Side Handrail for 4 Step UnitPainted
HR400GOptional Side Handrail for 4 Step UnitGalvanised
MP100ZOptional End RailPainted
MP100GOptional End RailGalvanised
HR200ZOptional Side Handrail for 2 Step UnitPainted

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