Heated Blankets for pipes are designed for fast, secure curing and joining PE & GRE Pipes, but they can also be used in a variety of other purposes (i.e. curing GRP, GFRP, RTR and FRP). Designed to save time and money curing plastic pipes.

Kuhlmann Electro-Heat Pipe Systems are designed for fast and securely curing and joining PE & GRE Pipes but is also used in a variety of other purposes (i.e.. Curing GRP, GFRP, RTR and FRP).

This pipe curing blankets are designed in durable but flexible and light material with the ability of heating to a maximum temperature of 180 °C. This blanket is without insulation which results in perfect contact and even heat spreading to the PE (Polyethylene) or GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) pipes.

The heated Pipe blankets come installed with either a bi-metal limiter (180 °C) or PT100 sensor (which requires a separate temperature controller).

These heating blankets are available in many standard sizes with different output, which can be seen in the following specification. If a custom size and / or output is wanted, we are of course also able to deliver this. Contact us for more details as well as for delivery.

These pipe curing blankets will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to joining and curing both PE and GRE pipes.

Technical specifications:

  • Optimal curing of the composite materials, carbon, and epoxy prepreg.
  • Available with PT100 sensor or bi-metallic limiter (0-180 °C).
  • 1 meter power cord.
  • Many sizes in stock.
  • Special sizes produced upon request.

heating blankets for pipes 800px

Available with UK plugs from Merlin Industrial – 220 Volts

Product CodeSizePipe size (Ø)PowerThermostat /
18-245480x350mm1-2”      (25-50)125WFixed 160ºC
18-2454A80x350mm1-2”      (25-50)125WPT100
18-2455110x550mm3-4”    (75-100)250WFixed (160ºC)
18-2455A110x550mm3-4”    (75-100)250WPT100
18-2456140x880mm6-8”  (150-200)285WFixed (160ºC)
18-2456A140x880mm6-8”  (150-200)285WPT100
18-2457200x1350mm10-12”  (250-300)950WFixed (180ºC)
18-2457A200x1350mm10-12”  (250-300)950WPT100
18-2458300x1700mm14-16”  (350-400)1460WFixed (180ºC)
18-2458A300x1700mm14-16”  (350-400)1460WPT100
18-2459300x1900mm18-20”  (450-500)1850WFixed (180ºC)
18-2459A300x1900mm18-20”  (450-500)1850WPT100
18-2461300x3050mm28-32”  (700-800)2700WFixed (180ºC)
18-2462300x3670mm32-36”  (800-900)3100WFixed (180ºC)
18-2463300x3670mm36-40” (900-1000)3200WFixed (180ºC)
19-2674External DigiTherm digital controller (0-200ºC).

All above models are for 230V. Please contact us if you need models for 110V or for other special specifications.

This product is designed for:

  • Curing and joining pipes
  • Curing pipes
  • Curing Epoxy
  • Curing glass reinforced epoxy (GRE)
  • Curing glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • Curing glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP)
  • Curing Reinforced Thermosetting Resin (RTR)
  • Curing Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP)

Among others:

  • Construction Industry

Prices now available from the online shop – here.

Download the Heated Blankets for Pipes brochure for reading or sharing here.