Heras Fence Blocks

rotoblock site safety barriers with mesh panels

The Heras fences are very popular in the UK as perimeter fencing around construction sites and we now offer a water filled block that can be used for the Heras fences and a wide range of other fence panels.

Unlike the original Heras feet these are easily visible in Red and White and each block can take a maximum of 105 kg.

Mira Tested wind speeds on a 3.5 metre Heras panel in the following configurations giving stability at up to 73 mph winds.

mira wind testing for rota blocks

The original Rotablock is still available and offers 3 years of proven performance withstanding 62 mph winds on a solid 2 x 2 metre hoarding panel.

heras solid panel wind tested


rotablock easily moved filled and emptied on site

• Small size for easy transport and handling
• Footprint is less than standard feet
• Fits various fence lengths
• Fits snugly and securely onto fence
• Accommodates corners and uneven ground
• 18 blocks per standard pallet


rotablock with chain security

• Chain for adjustable, secure fitting to fence
• Standard filler cap
• 25 mm Drain plug for controlled drainage
• Dims Length 1000 x Height 400 x Depth 390 mm
• Weight per full block 105 kg max
• Customisable colour / brand

Rotablock Mini

Feature Specification
Material MDPE
Size L 1000 x H 400 x D 390 mm
Weight – empty 8.9 kg
Water capacity – max 92 Litres
Weight – full max 101 kg
Fill level To fill cap
Fill cap size 3 ¾ / 75 mm
Drain plug 25 mm
Max angle 45 deg approx
Attachment method Chain to fence mesh
No per pallet 1 x 1 metre = 18

Rotablock Original

Feature Specification
Size L 605 x H 985 x D 720 mm
Weight – empty 22 kg
Water capacity – max 313 Litres
Weight – full max 333 kg
Fill level To fill cap
Fill cap size 3 ¾ / 75 mm
Drain plug 25 mm
Max angle N/A
Attachment method BRACKET
No per pallet 1 x 1 metre = 8

Download the Rotablock Brochure
Download the Rotablock Specifications

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