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Lightweight Access Podiums

lightweight access podiums

The lightweight aluminium range of podiums has been developed to meet the new BS 8620 standard introduced for access platforms. The range of lightweight Pod’s is a further extension of the Lyte tower products and is a range of innovative low level platforms, unlike any already on the market.

POD 1000

HIPOD podium steps

This podium has an adjustable platform height of 975 mm and 725 mm. The HIPOD has been manufactured with ease of use in mind and so the industrial ballasts that have been manufactured for the product eradicate the need for stabilisers, but still ensuring that the product stays safe and secure. The POD 1000 is our most versatile welded product as it fits easily through standard door frames, without the need to tilt it.


POD 1200

This podium also has an adjustable platform height of 1125 mm and 975 mm.

A unique design feature of the POD 1200 is the use of cleverly positioned ballasts eradicating the need for additional stabilisers and still allows it to fit through a standard doorway, while still erected.

PAS250 safety platform

Why use the Lyte Podium steps?

There are many valuable qualities to purchasing and using the POD range of products.

Both podiums have an anti-surf option and we have made sure that this can be easily adjusted by the user. With no loose or extra fittings the user can disengage 2 of the castors and replace with a slot in anti-slip foot, where required. 

As work environments vary so much, we believe this is an important feature.

Both podiums are available with a quick fit anti-surf option and can be easily adapted by the user without the need for any specialist tools.

Lyte PODs are designed for easy use, transportation and storage.

Safety gates hinge inwards and act as a safety barrier and can be leant against offering the operator a secure and stable platform.


Code: POD 1500

Platform Height (mm): 1225 or 1475

Overall Height (mm): 2510

Width (mm): 670

Weight (Kg): 43

industrial pas 250 podium steps

Only 2 removable parts: Platform deck and access ladder
Certified to PAS250
Saloon gates for easy access and egress.
Stoppers for extra safety
All models have 2 platform height
Anti-surf as standard
Available in 3 different
Compact folding dimensions
Toe boards optional
Non removable stabilisers

Specification sheet for the POD Podium steps range.