Industrial Cupboards and Workstations


Merlin have been supplying the famous Probe cupboards and workstations for more than 20 years and the products have evolved to become a leading storage solution.

A wide range of door colours and carcass colours.

  • Doors – Red, Blue, Yellow and Green
  • Carcass – Smoke White, Silver and Black


The paint coatings have a special anti-bacterial technology built in that reduces the risk of MRSA, E-Coli and Bacteria by 99.9% and still looks good and remains active during the live of the storage.


All cupboards and workstations are manufactured from mild steel with a shelf loading of 85kg UDL


Various cupboard styles can be seen on the data sheet linked below.


As well as the wide range of cupboards we also have workstations that comprise a cupboard underneath and a sloped top with a lip to allow for documents to be read and written too with the medical workstation meeting the Health and Safety Regulations of 1981


Download or View the Probe Cupboards and Workstation Data Sheet


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