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Industrial Mobile Step Ladders

Industrial heavy duty safety steps

Industrial Duty Mobile Step Ladders for warehouses and factories for use in maintenance, allowing the safe picking of boxes and goods from racking and shelving as well as periodic maintenance on lighting and ventilation. Manufactured in the UK to the latest standards and legislation and available in 10 working days in a range of colours.

  • Constructed of tubular steel
  • Safety bar as standard
  • Fully powder coated blue or red
  • Additional colours available on request
  • PVC safety grip treads optional extra
  • Punched metal treads as standard Kicking strip as standard

Metal treads


PVC Covered Treads

PVC Tread

Download the Industrial Safety Steps Specifications

Platform Height (mm)500 mm – 3750 mm High
Tread Width (mm)550 mm Wide x 200 mm Deep
Platform Size (mm)550 mm Wide x 400 mm Deep
SWL (Kg)300
Braking System2 Tread : Plunger Castors
3 Tread : Side Lever Brake
4 – 15 Tread : Central Lever Brake


Height (mm)
H x W x L (mm)
KE 0225001500 – 22501500 x 700 x 60022
KE 0337501750 – 25001750 x 850 x 82031
KE 04410002000 – 27502000 x 850 x 104043
KE 05512502250 – 30002250 x 850 x 127055
KE 06615002500 – 32502500 x 850 x 136062
KE 07717502750 – 35002750 x 850 x 145070
KE 08820003000 – 37503000 x 850 x 157578
KE 09922503250 – 40003250 x 850 x 173090
KE 101025003500 – 42503500 x 1000 x 190598
KE 111127503750 – 45003750 x 1000 x 2070105
KE 121230004000 – 47504000 x 1000 x 2230116
KE 131332504250 – 50004250 x 1230 x 2470125
KE 141435004500 – 52004500 x 1230 x 2630130
KE 151537504750 – 55004750 x 1320 x 2795138

How to choose the correct mobile step for you…

  • With so many ranges of steps to choose from how do you know which one suits your requirements? To help you decide read the guide below, ensure you take every point into account to make sure that you get a safety step suitable for your requirements.
  • What height do you need to work at? This is usually between your waist and shoulders, when you know this see the Dimensions above will guide you to the correct platform you will need to order.
  • What width is the aisle space where you will be using your step?


We manufacture several ranges…

  • Narrow-Aisle Step axle widths between 540 mm – 580 mm
  • Industrial Step axle widths between 850 mm – 1320 mm
  • Extra-Wide and Truck-Dock Units axle widths between 995 mm – 1470 mm


  • Check all the doorways, will the step fit through them? Are there any low hanging lights, beams etc. which the step may catch on? If there is you may need a Knock-Down Unit.
  • Do you need to push the step up to a mezzanine floor, up to a container or wall? Specify the Flush Back Legs option.
  • Do you need to exit the step off the top platform? If so you will need an additional Walk Through Extra.


Never try to save money by choosing a lower model than is required, reaching or straining should not happen when you pick the right step height. If you need any assistance when choosing your step please contact us! and see the latest access products on our secure online shop.

Download the Safety Steps Brochure