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GRP Fibre Glass Scaffold Towers

GRP Fibre glass scaffold towers

GRP Fibre Glass Scaffold Towers provide safe access where an explosive atmosphere or a greater than usual fire risk or hazard from electrical or chemical contact or in clean environments associated with food and hi-tec manufacture, the use of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products is highly recommended.


Product Features

  • Platform height:3.3m
  • Overall height: 4.55m
  • Comfortable to handle in cold and hot climates
  • Suitable for ‘Clean’ environments
  • 3T compliant
  • Non-conductive, sparking, corroding, or oxidising
  • 5-year warranty
  • 750kg work load capacity
  • BSEN1004:2004
CodeDescriptionPlatform HeightOverall HeightWidthLength
3002-0603.3m GRP Tower3.3m4.55m1.2m2.4m
3002-0624.3m GRP Tower4.3m5.55m1.2m2.4m
3002-0645.3m GRP Tower5.3m6.55m1.2m2.4m
3002-0666.3m GRP Tower6.3m7.55m1.2m2.4m

For the latest prices and lead times please contact Merlin Industrial Products with the product code.