We have a wide range of janitorial supplies and products on our online shop suitable for janitorial and cleaning activities. For cleaning offices or driveways there are solutions available at discounted prices with a standard 3 to 5-day delivery service. Chemicals and consumables are available from stock and offer competitive solutions for small to large companies.

As well as the usual mop buckets and sponges we have access equipment to reach the cleaning areas not easily reached. Garden trolleys and forks for gardening and vacuum cleaners for both wet and dry waste.

Surface Wipes and Sprays

For keeping surfaces clean and sanitised. Designed specifically for food contact surfaces.

With so many options available and more products being added daily, please do get in contact if you can’t find what you’re looking for, and we can quote you accordingly or point you in the right direction on the online shop.


Janitorial, Garden and Leisure related products. Designed to help you clean, sterilise and maintain various sites including gardens and offices, a must for all industries. With a wide range of Hand Cleaners, Surface Sprays, Wipes and Towels.