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KLT Plastic Containers

foldable klt series

KLT containers are designed to work in automated environments with robotic handling equipment.  Mainly used in the automotive industry these containers are excellent for light to heavy duties. We have a range of solid and foldable in standard and ESD plastics.

What are KLT containers?

To enable the plastic containers to work with the various robots a set of standards has been applied so that the different KLT containers manufactured by several different manufacturers all work with the equipment.

KLT Container Brochure

KLT Containers suitable for automated systems comply to the VDA standards. VDA stands for Verband der Automobilindustrie and is primarily a European Automotive standard started in Germany though used through out the world. 

Please note that due to the nature of the KLT containers with some models having double walls for extra strength that unless you need a container for the automotive industry then there are much more competitive containers available and we can advise you on the options.

The high level of automation, the large number of units and a range of specifications for the automotive industry mean very specific requirements in terms of quality and

functionality of small load carriers, which are used in the production chain.

The VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie –German Automotive Industry Association) has therefore defined clear standards for such containers.

Our manufacturer consistently implements the VDA 4500 standards in its KlT series in tried-and-tested quality that leaves nothing to be desired: the Rl-KlTs feature drainage holes in the base.

In cases where increased load-bearing capacity is required, the classic R-KlTs with closed base ribbing are called into action. And if saving space when empty is the top priority, folding KlTs as pictured above are the first choice.


ESD R KLT boxes

ESD R-KLT container is perfectly adapted to automated production processes and is suitable for use at various stages of production. Sensitive electronic components can be stored and transported without any problems thanks to the electrically conductive plastic.

  • With ribbed base
  • Built-in lid slits
  • With adhesive surfaces for barcode
  • Quiet running on conveyors

Folding ESD KLT Containers

Foldable ESD KLT boxes

ESD KLT container is really multi-talented: it combines the advantages of the small load carrier series with the space-saving properties of foldable boxes, and it is also adapted to the specific requirements of sensitive electronic components. What is more, the volume of the box can be reduced by up to 70%.

  • With ribbed base
  • Secure, quick folding
  • Built-in lid slits
  • With adhesive surfaces for barcode

Standard Non-ESD KLT Containers

standard KLT plastic containers

Download or view the KLT Brochure and contact us for a quick response.