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The latest news changes daily, as we update product information and prices along with adding new products and equipment, as well as removing products that are no longer available. If you like to know what is happening in the UK regarding industrial products, it may be worth bookmarking this page.

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teacher wall classroom storage

Teacher Storage Walls

Educational Teacher Storage walls (Teacher wall) that have been designed to offer the maximum use of available space in schools and colleges that are looking to do more in the same area, allowing extra room for students and staff. Our units can be used with existing equipment and storage so that costs are kept to …

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Treston Technical Information Catalogue

Treston Catalogues

The latest Treston catalogues for 2021 with specifications and product information for the technical furniture and ESD products manufactured in Finland and available from Merlin Industrial Products Ltd. We have the popular workbench and storage solutions catalogue available here 24 hours a day.

CEO executive office desk range

CEO Executive Office Furniture

The CEO executive office furniture, designed and manufactured in Italy furniture. Offering a practical and comfortable work space along with exquisite touches more salient for top management, and the CEO range also offers a very attractive home office option with those fortunate enough to have the space as desks start at 190 cm wide.

bpsf steel storage

Steel Storage for Offices

Steel Storage for offices, comprising executive and contract filing cabinets, cupboards, pedestals, tambour doors, lockers, security cupboards, security filing cabinets and internal fitments. Now available on our online shop with various exciting colour choices.

CT400 GROUP Euro container trolleys

Euro Container Trolleys

Euro container trolleys are for mobilising one of the most popular sized plastic containers across the continent, and our trolleys also called mobile tray trolleys are popular as a means to transport a large amount of the containers and also to provide a means of storage when not in use. As well as the fixed …

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kbins image 600px wide

Kbins parts storage containers

Kbins parts storage containers made in the United Kingdom, and consisting of open fronted containers as used in stores and workshops. Supplied flat packed to minimise carriage costs, they are easily assembled in seconds and last for many years. As well as the popular Kbin open fronted cardboard containers, we also supply archive and plastic …

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Kneeling Chair in wood - choice of fabrics

Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs are designed to help alleviate pains caused by bad posture and as most office workers sit down for most of the working day the kneeling chair has a major part to play in introducing ergonomics, as unlike a modern office chair, there are no countless adjustments to make. Recommended for no more than …

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Euroslide Workbenches and Drawers

The Euroslide Workbenches and Drawers range provides a combined storage and work area with two sizes of tops 1805 and 1505 mm. The cabinets are also available separately for adding to existing work areas, and the drawers all have slots for taking dividers.

lightweight electric crane

Compact Lightweight Crane

The counterweighted compact lightweight crane. Model JL150 with electric lift is the most compact and ergonomic on the market. Capacity 150 kg with remote control for a single operator. Manufactured in Italy.

lithium battery charging cabinets

Lithium Battery Charging Cabinets

Lithium Battery Charging Cabinets offer enhanced fire protection, which is important when charging lithium batteries. The factory now offers a safer solution. Using specific safety equipment can minimise the consequences of these storage devices burning and significantly increase the safety whilst charging the batteries.

trader catalogue index

Industrial Catalogue

The Industrial catalogue is a modern replacement for the paper version. Merlin  is part of a manufacturing group in Devon making a wide range of industrial products. The company has for many years used paper catalogues, but have now stopped this practice to focus on electronic representations. They feel that this is more easily accessed …

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st82 chair stacker trolley

Chair Trolleys

The Chair trolleys are a sack truck designed specifically to move large numbers of stacking chairs around easily and quickly and are an ideal tool for examination rooms in colleges and schools and any area that is used for multi-purposes where seating has to be moved in and out rapidly.

steel stillages

Steel Stillages and Post Pallets

Steel stillages and post pallets are also known as Steel pallet boxes and have been around since the industrial revolution due to their simplicity and the usefulness of the design. The stillages shown here are all new, though we do have access to a wide range of used and rental pallet boxes.

Storage cupboards and cabinets from QMP

Workshop Cupboards and Cabinets

Workshop cupboards and cabinets meet a human need to “keep things tidy”. This is true in industry, where the introduction of lean manufacturing techniques has promoted the idea of storing tools and equipment in designated places when not in use. This is also true in other sectors, driven in some cases by a Health and …

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machine guarding for conveyors and robots

Machine Safety Barriers

Machine Safety Barriers protect visitors and workers from harm to the latest ISO 14120:2015 regulations. The guard panels are available in mesh, solid and clear perspex panels to suit most applications including robotic manufacturing centres. They can easily be interchanged and added to at a future date.

Bolt On Fork Lift Entensions

Bolt-on Fork Extensions

Bolt-on fork extensions extend the usefulness of a forklift truck, allowing it to handle an expansive range of pallets. These bolt-on fork extensions are commonly used within the construction or lifting industries, where a smooth underside reduces damage to the product. Additional options available for large coiled products and paper rolls.

library shelving with banner panel for identification

Attractive Shelving Systems

Attractive shelving systems for public areas such as libraries and offices can be attractive and add to the local decor. We have a wide range of shelving systems on this page that include medical, food storage, office and library shelving. Manufactured in Germany, the shelving systems offer excellent design and quality components.

Low Profile Pallet Truck

Low Profile Pallet Trucks

Low profile pallet trucks are used for handling special, very low pallets or stillages where a standard pallet truck will not fit beneath. Our standard low profile pallet trucks have a capacity of 1500 kg, but we can also offer pallet trucks with 2300 and 3000 kg. We can also offer low profile pallet trucks …

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vetro glass partitioning

Vetro Glass Partitioning

Vetro glass partitioning is a range of fully glazed commercial quality products for open and aesthetically pleasing work-spaces. Available in either single or double-glazed panels and doors, both with and without customization, Vetro provides the perfect solution for modern office interiors.

clean room partition system

Clean Room Partition System

The clean room partition system comes in various standards measured by the number of particles per square foot or metre.  Food and drink is nominally rated at ISO 7 and the lower the number the better the rating.  This partition system here can be used for ISO 5 which includes Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals facilities, also …

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