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The Latest Changes

Oil Only Absorbents

Oil Only Absorbents

Oil only absorbents are specialist absorbent materials designed to soak up oil and petroleum and will not absorb water so that they float indefinitely.  Oil absorbent products are normally coloured white for easy identification.

Finesse reception units

Finesse Reception

The Finesse reception unit is a sophisticated solution for modern businesses, available in a range of styles and finishes that offer almost limitless combinations. For truly individual style, bespoke solutions are available. Available with modern COVID protection screens.

sliding balance scale

Sliding Weight Balances

The sliding weight balances have been around for a very long time. Used, primarily in the healthcare industry, they offer a quick manual measurement with easily read graduations. Sliding weight balances are also known as mechanical balances, as they do not rely on digital displays and power sources.

Precision balances

Precision Weighing Scales

Precision weighing scales for the accurate weight measurements from 0.001g with memory store capability, so deviations from the stored measurements can be recognised. Perfect for accurate counting of tiny items.

leak and spills centre

Leak and Spills Centres

Leak and Spills Centres for the rapid deployment of absorbent’s that will prevent various spillages becoming larger and harder to clean up.  By centralizing the absorbents needed close to the hazard, the various absorbent solutions can be deployed quickly when needed


Mobile Safety Steps GS Standards

Mobile Safety Steps GS Standards. Three types of sturdy and safe mobile steps.  Sprung loaded/ weight reactive can be moved when empty. Designed to offer years of service and all tested to comply with the rigorous GS European safety standards.

1995 6 Safety Signs 200

Brochures and Documents

We have numerous Brochures and Documents that you can download or view as required, with nearly all of them available in PDF format so that they can be viewed across a wide range of computers, tablets, and phones. We love trees and the environment, so no more paper catalogues!

Demountable Roll containers

Demountable Roll Containers

Demountable Roll Cage Containers, popular in warehouses and retail establishments as they can be disassembled when not in use for easy transport and storage. Please contact us if you need used and second hand roll cages, as we normally have a selection available from stock.

COSHH cabinets

COSHH Cupboards and Cabinets

Comprehensive range of COSHH Cupboards and Cabinets for the safe storage and segregation of substances that are labelled as being hazardous to health, for example Toxic or Irritant. Based on employers carrying out mandatory risk assessments. Welded construction from 0.9 mm thick steel with reinforced rebated door(s). Secured by 3 way chrome lever locking handle.

Maintenance Absorbents

Maintenance Absorbents

Maintenance Absorbents, including Absorbent pads, booms, sheets, and rolls for a wide range of industrial applications, for use on spills of non-aggressive Water and Oil-based fluids and Mild Chemicals. 

Aluminium Mobile Scissor Table Folded Merlin

Aluminium and Stainless Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

Aluminium and Stainless Mobile Scissor Lift Tables for health and food related companies, stainless steel or aluminium scissor tables are a requirement. As well as some popular models below, we can supply custom scissor tables with different sizes and height reaches, capacities and with attachments for specialist applications. Please use our on-line form to contact… 

drum handling equipment

Steel Drum Handlers

Two hundred five Litre Steel Drum Handlers that can lift, for loading standard drums into the back of vehicles. The Drum handler models listed below all offer different areas of expertise. The first model helps to load drums into the back of a van, whilst our other models help transport.

Stainless Steel Cupboards and Cabinets

Stainless-steel Furniture

Stainless-steel furniture, welded and riveted construction from quality stainless-steel sheets and tubes with a brushed polish finish. The stainless-steel cabinets and desks have reinforced doors mounted on pin hinges secured by a flush mounted three-way locking handle. The cabinets fitted internally with adjustable shelves (capacity 75 kg per shelf UDL).

GI360Y wide starirclimber empty

Stair climbing Trucks

Stair climbing trucks with different toe plates, manual and powered, designed to safely carry loads up and down stairs. The wide stair climbers come complete with the strap, making the stair climber easily used by one person. For heavier loads, please see the model below, with a capacity on the stairs of 150 kg.

Orthomat Anti-Fatigue

Industrial Flooring

A wide range of industrial flooring suitable for areas where slip hazards such as oils and greases are present also anti-fatigue matting for operators standing for long periods of time at machine tools or equipment. Industrial flooring is also available in duckboards, ideal for areas with running liquids such as machine coolant or upper decks… 

janitorial cleaning supplies

Janitorial Supplies

We have a wide range of janitorial supplies and products on our online shop suitable for janitorial and cleaning activities. For cleaning offices or driveways, there are solutions available at discounted prices with a standard 3 to 5-day delivery service. Chemicals and consumables are available from stock and offer competitive solutions for small to large… 

Anti Microbial Stericore Lever Handle

Antibacterial door furniture

Antibacterial door furniture, manufactured from a sterile material so that they do not need recharging or changing. With COVID-19 seemingly around forever, it makes sense to add as much protection as possible. Protecting our hands from cross infection is easier with this equipment.

bench seating group image

Bench and Table Canteen Units

Our bench and table canteen units made here in the United Kingdom.  The normal delivery time is between 3 and 4 weeks.  All the canteen units below offer excellent value as they come as standard with a 5-year guarantee and are fully welded and ready to use straight away.

Recycled plastic Bench and Table

Outdoor Educational Seating

Merlin supplies a lot of equipment and furniture to educational establishments across the UK and can now offer outdoor educational seating primarily for schools, though equally suitable for adults and children alike. All the outdoor seating products can be purchased at our online shop. Manufactured from recycled plastics, the seating products are weatherproof and long-lasting.

underfloor safes

Floor Safes

Floor safes offer several benefits over standard safes. Hidden security is one of the advantages of having an underfloor safe. Floor safes also offer insurance ratings for cash or / and valuables. Suitable for a wide range of areas such as garages, education and retail establishments.

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