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The latest news changes daily, as we update product information and prices along with adding new products and equipment, as well as removing products that are no longer available. If you like to know what is happening in the UK regarding industrial products, it may be worth bookmarking this page.

The Latest Changes

single sided easy access 2 tread work platform

Mobile Work Platforms

Mobile work platforms are ideal for factories or any space where a sturdy platform is required to work safely on various equipment. As well as the single sided entry access platforms SSEAP’s we also have the all round access platforms with chains on three sides with options to have a chain on all four sides.… 

open mesh storage cages

Internal and External Security Cages

Internal and External Security Cages from Merlin Industrial Products. These bestselling ranges of UK manufactured robust steel storage cages give a secure method of storing various items. Expanded metal mesh panels will resist the most determined vandal or criminal attack. Used by various companies for the safe storage of valuable items. Quick delivery and easy… 

plastic roll cages

Plastic Roll Cages

Plastic roll cages designed for industry with easy to clean surfaces. These plastic roll cages have no sharp edges and will not corrode and eliminate the troublesome running noise from standard steel cages. The models at the bottom of this page can have towing facilities fitted (IDC514). Related Information: Linen Distribution Trolleys Demountable Roll Containers… 

fire escape keep clear sign

Fire Safety Signs

We have a wide range of fire safety signs available quickly from stock from our online shop, with examples illustrated below. And links to our on-line shop where we have one of the largest ranges in the UK with different sizes and materials from rigid signs to self-adhesive safety signs. All signs are compliant with… 

571 Slide 19 inch rack

19-inch Fabricated Cases

19-inch Fabricated Cases to house various industrial standard rack equipment. The racks feature double punched rack rails fitted directly to the inside, front and rear. Manufactured from plastic sheet or laminate with optional suspension foams for maximum ease of mind. Related Information: Custom Made Flight Cases Musical Instrument Cases Pharmacy Boxes and Bags Custom Handling… 


Multidrawer Filing Cabinets

Multidrawer Filing Cabinets. One of Bisley’s first-ever products, the Multidrawers™ are as popular as ever, their neat design enhanced by a brilliant choice of colours – the brighter, the better for the home environment for an injection of retro cool. Related Information: Cupboards and Cabinets for Offices Steel Storage for Offices Wooden Office Storage Storage… 

see through door lockers

Perspex see through door lockers

Perspex see through door lockers provide safe storage for personal belongings whilst providing visibility of the locker contents. They are ideal for retail outlet staff rooms, venues, public areas, or anywhere there is a need to view the items stored Related Information: Laminated Door Lockers SGL Lockers for Tough Environments Express Lockers Z Door Lockers… 

plan chests metal plan file cabinets in a corridor

Plan chests and Drawing Cabinets

We offer a wide range of plan chests and drawing cabinets for storage and archival. The plan chests and drawing cabinets are functional, eye catching and cost-effective. The steel or wood plan chests are available in A0, A1 and A2 sizes. The filing units are fully lockable and fitted with an anti-tilt mechanism and as… 

Electric security trolleys

Electric Platform Trucks

Electric platform trucks powered by either a 24v lead acid or lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Manufactured within the UK, these quality industrial trolleys offer assistive or powered mobility.  A wide range of standard and custom electric trucks are available. Related Information: Sturdy Platform Trucks Electric Industrial Trucks Industrial Platform Trucks Two Tray Platform Trucks Tapered Plastic… 

work trestle steel and wood

Work Trestles

Work trestles have been a popular product among painters and decorators, offering a lightweight and easy to transport system that is quick to set up and take down and complies with UK legislation. Related Information: Trade Scaffold Towers Telescopic Lightweight Work Platform Folding Work Platforms Aluminium Mobile Steps Assembly Benches Telescopic Ladders

compact telescopic lightweight tower

Telescopic Towers

The telescopic towers, called within the trade as the “Teletower” are the world’s first telescopic mobile scaffold tower with a maximum working height of 4 metres and able to fit into an estate car or small van whilst still conforming to EN1004. Related Information: Trade Scaffold Towers Industrial Scaffold Towers Telescopic Lightweight Work Platform Reachmaster… 

CT400 GROUP Euro container trolleys

Euro Container Trolleys

Euro container trolleys are for mobilising one of the most popular sized plastic containers across the continent, and our trolleys also called mobile tray trolleys are popular as a means to transport a large amount of the containers and also to provide a means of storage when not in use. As well as the fixed… 

clm217 a top

Spring Lift Laundry Trolleys

Convenient spring lift laundry trolleys that raise when emptying and lower when filing, for quicker operations and less back strain. Each trolley also offers easy-to-adjust load spring-action for lighter load capacities and is mounted on a galvanised chassis with castors set in a diamond or square formation. Related Information: Aluminium Sprung Loaded Trolleys Self Levelling… 

steel over wood worktop

Heavy-Duty Metal Workbenches

Fully welded heavy-duty metal workbenches are available as standard with a 1000 kg capacity. We have a Super heavy-duty workbench with a 1200 kg capacity.  As well as the standard steel tops, you can also have a solid wood or rubber on steel top. Related Information: Heavy-duty Engineering Workbenches Premier Square Tube Workbenches Assembly Benches… 

stainless steel worktops and equipment

Medical Benches and Storage

Medical Benches and Storage comprises equipment for the healthcare and professional environment.(wet, cold, chilled and kitchen), as well as two budgetary ranges of trolleys. Our “Premier” range which is manufactured from stainless steel is shown below. Related Information: Stainless HTM Medical Trolleys Hygienic Shelving Workshop Workbenches Static Control Timber Workbenches Industrial Belt Conveyors Workshop Cupboards… 

heavy duty square tube workbench

Premier Square Tube Workbenches

Premier square tube workbenches are manufactured in the UK and offer heavy-duty capacities of up to 1200 kg. Different tops are available depending on the type of usage. Express deliveries are available on some models. Related Information: Steel Worktop Workbenches Durable Workbenches Budget Heavy Duty Workbenches Heavy-duty Engineering Workbenches Tuff Flat-packed Workbenches Heavy-Duty Benches

acoustic hubs uk

Acoustic Office POD’s

Acoustic Office POD’s offer privacy in a modern, open-plan office. From the smallest hub, which is like a telephone booth and adequate for one person, to the largest which can accommodate groups, Acoustic Hubs can be adapted and customised to fit your own office requirements, creating multiple working zones in one place. Related Information: Chatbox… 

assembly workbench with upper shelf and storage

Assembly Benches

Medium Duty, Fully Welded assembly benches, delivered ready for immediate use, our assembly / production benches are constructed from square section steel. With a choice of worktops MDF, Laminated, ESD – Anti-static Laminated and Steel, Compact laminates and Trespa. Related Information: Durable Mailroom Benches Steel Worktop Workbenches Premier Square Tube Workbenches Static Control Timber Workbenches… 

galvanised steel shelving

Galvanised Steel Shelving

Galvanised Steel Shelving offers corrosion resistance and is ideal for more demanding environments where, normally more expensive options such as plastic or stainless-steel shelving is required. Designed for Storerooms, Workshops and Retail storage. Related Information: Bolt Free Shelving Shelving for Industrial Storage Hygienic Shelving Adjustable Shelving for Document Boxes Glass Shelving Expo Shelving Systems

sysco library shelving

Brochures and Documents

We have numerous Brochures and Documents that you can download or view as required, with nearly all of them available in PDF format so that they can be viewed across a wide range of computers, tablets, and phones. We love trees and the environment, so no more paper catalogues! Related Information: Display Cabinets for Literature… 

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