Adjustable Library Shelving

Steel Library Shelving for the UK

Our library shelving is available in single and double sided versions. Based on a cantilever system the shelves are easily adjustable and available in a wide variety of colours, the shelves also have an anti-slip finish as well as a full range of optional accessories including trolleys.


This versatile system includes single & double sided floor standing uprights, wall mounted & wheel mounted uprights. All uprights allow for quick and easy adjustment of shelves in increments of 25mm.

Free standing uprights available in five heights 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 & 2300mm.

Wall Bars are available in five heights 1030, 1380, 1680, 2030 & 2530mm.

All shelves have a capacity of 65kg each UDL

A wide range of shelf options has been made available to suit your needs, all available in three widths, 750, 900 and 1000mm.

Library shelves have been designed with a rolled front face adding strength and allowing for the easy display of identification labels.

This versatile library shelving system offers a wide range of specialist shelves and accessories to suit your space. This shelving can be quickly adapted to meet your changing needs and is quick and easy to construct, saving down time and minimising disturbance.

For an on-site consultation to see if this system could benefit you please contact us.

Library Shelving system

Brochure with technical data for the library shelving shown above.

Alternate Shelving systems

Univers and Libra Library shelving systems.

Single Sided Univers

univers shelving system single sided

Double Sided Univers

univers shelving system double sided