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Lightweight Aluminium Footbridges

aluminium footbridge

Lightweight Aluminium Footbridges that provide a solution for various applications within the construction, groundwork, and the event sectors. The handrails can be folded to assist in transportation and  quick assembly. Suitable for areas that are under seasonal flooding and to provide safer access for pedestrians. New folding footbridges added in 2021.

These unique and innovative footbridges will provide safe, work and public access, whilst working over and around deep excavations, small rivers and streams, and utility trenches.
The aluminium footbridge has many additional safety features, including a unique ‘diamond traction’ non-slip surface.

Along with lift handles, they’ve also been manufactured with foldable handrails for easy transport, handling, and quick assembly. The aluminium Footbridge can be stacked securely and can be supplied in 3 various sizes, 2 m, 4 m and 6 m.

Alternative materials can often be extremely heavy and costly to transport, or have a short life span. The aluminium footbridge is by far the most superior footbridge on the market to date.

aluminium industrial footbridge side view


  • Length:  2 m, 4 m and 6 m
  • Weight: 72 kg, 142 kg and 207 kg
  • Maximum weight distributed load: 1850 kg, 1500 kg and 850 kg
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Unique non-slip traction surface
  • Stack-able for storage and transport
  • Fold-able handrails for easy transport and quick assembly
  • Anodised aluminium handrails
  • Lift handles/Hooks
  • High toe board
  • Low transportation and handling costs
  • Various connection options for different ground conditions and equipment
  • Premium 100% recycled or virgin high density (HD) polyethylene which is 100% recycle-able
  • Simple to customise with company name, telephone number and website (minimum order required)

aluminium industrial footbridge

Download the specifications here

Pedestrian bridges for site safety

footbridge over a trench

To ensure pedestrian safety, a bridge on a steel structure featuring guardrail and a non-skid aluminium sheet walkway.

main folding footbridge

Technical features

2 hinged guards that fold for transport, and fitted with hooks to link with steel site safety barrier.

Guardrails: red lacquered finish with 6 white reflective strips each.

Safe operating conditions:
Model 100300; 2 m walkway: up to 300 kg. Weight 35 kg
Model 100299; 3 m walkway: up to 500 kg. Weight 88 kg

  • None slip walking surface.
  • Fitted with lifting hooks.
  • Standard lead time is 3 weeks