The Lobo Systems Flexible Access Solution is a kit of parts available at various platform heights, that allow unprecedented safety and flexibility around the workplace. If your workspace is NASA, The Underground, Rolls Royce, Heinz, Boeing or many other establishments then you already know the Lobo system and all of its benefits.

The kits can be supplied as standard for different working heights or, for specialist, permanent applications such as around fixed plant we can provide a custom kit made of the same components. All of the Lobo system kits can be extended depending on your usage  and are perfect for maintenance departments.

lobo kit of scaffolding parts

Lobo systems have created a high-quality product that is a serious alternative to scaffolding, that doesn’t require specialist skills or tools to use, and can easily be stored and transported. There are many industrial applications that companies have really benefitted from.

Top 20 applications (So far)

The LOBO System has been successfully demonstrated to many companies – including NASA Engineers, Health & Safety professionals, manufacturers and wholesalers – and Lobo are constantly surprised at the creative ways clients have used the system to make their businesses safer, more efficient and more profitable. (Please see the video above.)

Special Electroplated Finish

lobo in a cleanroom

Only a very strong acid can remove the electroplate finish from the product.

The Electroplate finish on the LOBO Systems is completely inert in the same way as a chrome finish is. It has been adopted for use at NASA, Airbus, Lockheed, Raytheon, Boeing and L3 and ATK.

Many food companies, for example Heinz, Kellogg’s, ADM, Weetabix, 2 Sisters Food Group, Anheuser-Busch and Carlsberg successfully use LOBO Systems and it has been used extensively at Rolls Royce in 14 different locations throughout the UK for over 10 years.


  • In all applications and uses the product finish has proved to be more than satisfactory.
  • It gives the product a distinctive finish that sets it apart from any other access equipment, and, as it is only 8 microns thick.
  • It allows the clamps to function properly.
  • To apply the finish, the product must be chemically clean; this means it is a consistent and known status to start with.
  • The cleaning process strips out all the grease and dirt left over from the manufacturing process and also removes any oxidization.
  • As the product is dipped, the hollow components are clean on the inside as well as on the outside.
  • When the product leaves the LOBO systems warehouse it is clean, free from grease and can be handled without any contamination issues.
  • A simple wipe over is all that may be required to freshen it up, but any dirt would be superficial and can easily removed.
  • For some customers in the Nuclear Industry the components are sealed, after cleaning, with a decontaminant prior to shipping.

Functional and Adaptable Access

lobo in a auditorium

The Lobo system offers immeasurable advantages  over any other access scaffolding system currently available in the World. Safe stable platforms are crucial to worker confidence and your staff are safe on the Lobo system.

For initial enquiries and, before advising different packages and costs Lobo will arrange an online meeting where they can establish your requirements and answer any questions you may have prior to offering a quotation.

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Please contact Merlin with your ideal time and day to arrange a face to face meeting with the Lobo system.