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Long and narrow EU containers


We can supply Euro containers in all the conventional sizes from stock but now we have also added the long and narrow stacking containers ideal for the automotive industry and anyone needing to transport or store long and narrow components.


Our long and narrow Euro containers – the 1750 EU and 1800 EU – offer a much stronger and more cost-effective alternative for storing and distributing long components to the traditional cut two containers and weld them together options currently available on the market with the benefits of greater strength and no joins or ridges.




Measuring 1000mm (L) x 400mm (W), they come in two different heights – 230mm and 120mm. Strong and durable, these long and narrow containers have no joins or ridges in the base or side walls so maintain maximum strength and integrity.

Like all of the Euro boxes in our range, these long and narrow containers have straight-sided walls, so stack securely up to 10 boxes high, taking up minimal footprint in storage and transit. A standard trailer load can hold up to 726 of the taller containers and 1452 of the shallower version.


Normal lead times are 3 days from stock. Please contact us with quantities for the latest prices.