Maintenance Trolleys


Strong UK manufactured maintenance trolleys in three forms offering security for tools and spares along with easy maneuverability for quick repairs ideal for hospitals and facilities management.

Ideal for mobile maintenance stations and for mobile fitting and assembly work.


Three Shelf Maintenance trolley with lockable drawer available in different colours

  • Available with cupboard or drawer for secure storage of tools and equipment.
  • Lockable drawers and cupboards.
  • Recessed steel top.
  • Durable welded steel construction.
  • Fitted with 2 fixed and 2 swivel heavy duty castors.
  • Powder coated light grey frame with blue cupboard and drawer front.
  • Available with either steel plate or MDF worktop.
  • Lead time currently 2-3 working weeks.


Maintenance Trolley with Lockable Cupboards

Mobile Maintenance Trolleys   
   Mobile Maintenance Trolleys – Steel Worktop 
Truck Colour  RTCS109060S*Cupboard & Side Shelf 1050.900.600
Light Grey   RTCS101260S*Cupboard & Side Shelf 1050.1200.600
Drawer ColourAdd suffix * RTDS109060S*Drawer & 3 Shelves 1050.900.600
Blue B RTDS101260S*Drawer & Shelves 1050.1200.600
Light GreyL R2CS109060S*Double Cupboard 
   Mobile Maintenance Trolleys – MDF Worktop  
   RTCS109060M*Cupboard & Side Shelf 1050.900.600
   RTCS101260M*Cupboard & Side Shelf 1050.1200.600
   RTDS109060M*Drawer & 3 Shelves 1050.900.600
   RTDS101260M*Drawer & 3 Shelves 1050.1200.600
   R2CS109060M*Double Cupboard 
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