Manual Pallet Stacker for the UK

Manual pallet stacker

This manual anodised pallet stacker is the modern ergonomic solution for companies wishing to increase productivity whilst conforming to current health & safety legislation.

Lightweight Modular Aluminium
ease of operation

Multi-tasking Machine
additional attachments available

Style and Design
multi-award winning design

The Intelligent Solution
excellent for that ‘special application

Capacity: 300Kg – 1000Kg

Lift Heights: 1100mm and 1600mm

Fork Length: 550mm – 1160mm

Optional Attachments:
Include wide straddle, steel platform, roller platform, jib attachments, boom attachments, drum and reel carriers and drum clamps

Additional Information:
Anodised finish – safe for use in clean environments
High visibility – single, narrow mast
Lightweight – easy to push and manoeuvre
Adjustable – forks and legs
  • Light weight aluminium frame is easy to manoeuvre and rust proof
  • Unit is modular and therefore has a range of interchangeable attachments which enables one unit to suit multiple applications
  • The overall flexibility of the product means that it can change along with the future requirements of any business
  • Lifts to 1100mm or 1600mm
  • Weld free construction leaves fewer points of possible weakness
  • Electric and manual options available with two lift heights and varying capacities between 300Kg and 1000Kg
  • Ergonomically designed handles to suit any user and allows greater manoeuvrability
  • Patented ‘C’ shaped leg clamps makes it easy to adjust legs
  • Polyurethane wheels, 2 braked swivel castors & toe guards
  • Heavy duty swivelled castors ensure quiet, smooth operation
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