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Medical Notes Trolleys

medical notes trolleys

Medical notes trolleys that are designed to provide a complete solution for storing, distributing and accessing medical notes and X-Rays. Medical notes trolleys are aesthetically pleasing, hygienically designed and combine smart adjustable filing pockets with easy access, while being functional, strong, secure and easy to clean. Available in two sizes.


Medical Notes Trolley (Small)

Enclosed sides with hinged top and 1 Digital Combination Lock

Model [Sun-MNT10-DCL]

medical notes trolley small


MNT10 dimensions of smaller medical notes trolley

Medical Notes Trolley (Large)

Enclosed sides with hinged locking tops

Model [Sun-MNT20]

medical notes trolley large


MNT20 dimensions of large medical notes trolley


  • Lightweight easy to manoeuvre design
  • 1 Digital combination lock with optional overriding key (override key(s) much be ordered with trolley)
  • Secure solid sides and base
  • Accepts foolscap or X-Ray size filling pockets (not included)
  • Accepts 470mm & 360mm filling pockets (not included)
  • Filling pocket identification label for easy re-ordering
  • Wipe clean filing pocket tabs (supplied with pockets)
  • Hinged top opens to create additional working space
  • Hygienic stainless steel handles
  • 4 removable storage trays
  • Side storage for patients record file
  • Push pull handles
  • Four 100mm braked castors
  • Four protective buffers
  • Durable laminate faced MDF with 2mm edging
  • Easy clean design and materials
  • 2 year warranty
  • Supplied fully assembled

Stainless Steel HTM Trolleys

Please note that we have a range of HTM trolleys including stock of the tray trolley like the one below holding 5 x 100 mm deep trays.

stainless steel htm trolley with pull out trays