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Mini Waste Skips


Small but very useful skips ideal where access is a problem and where large amounts of waste are not generated. These Mini Skips are especially suited for use in production areas where space is limited e.g. under power presses and other production machines for collecting swarf, leaking coolant and cutting fluids. The mini-skips can be fitted with a tap for draining.

Note: Mini Self Tipping Skips can be fitted with 3 castors (2 fixed & 1 swivel) for mobility

Range Features

  • These mini skips fit where other skips can not
  • Designed to collect waste in confined areas
  • Ideally suited for use in production areas: under CNC machines, power presses, drilling machines and many more…
  • Castors allow pedestrian operation

Perfect for keeping your workshop clean and tidy

waste swarf and cutting fluids

Mini Tipping Skips

The total weight of the skip plus load should not exceed 50% of the fork truck rating. Consideration should be given to the fact that the centre of gravity of the load will move forwards / backwards / sideways when tipping.

  • Options extras
  • Oil tight tested (OT)
  • Oil drain tap (OD)
  • Colour change (CC)
  • Special castors (SC)
AMS-600 Mini tipping skip
  • Models AMS-450 – Mini Self Tipping Skip Capacity 0.10m³ and 200 kg.
  • Models AMS-600 – Mini Self Tipping Skip Capacity 0.15m³ and 200 kg.
  • Models AMS-750 – Mini Self Tipping Skip Capacity 0.19m³ and 200 kg.


The Mini Skips are shown in the Industrial Brochure here. 

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