Mobile ESD Workstations offer additional mobile worktop space in the workplace. Equipped with castors, these can be moved around easily and can also be used to transport supplies and equipment. The product family includes many models for different purposes. The Treston ESD mobile workstations are ergonomic, adaptable standing workstation.


Concept trolley

Concept trolley CONT705 with drawer

A steel-framed additional work surface with height adjustment, suitable for many purposes of use. The integrated bottom shelf offers much needed extra storage. Easy and effortless to move around as needed, but the braked wheels ensure that the trolley stays firmly in place if needed. Well suited for use with Concept and WB workbenches.

  • Additional work surface that can easily be moved as needed
  • Steel frame, laminate worktop, total max load 150 kg
  • An integrated bottom shelf, powder-coated (RAL 7035) steel, max load 25 kg
  • An extra shelf is available as an accessory
  • Height adjustment (650–900 mm) with an Allen key
  • Four swivel castors (ø 100 mm), two with brakes
  • Also, available without ESD protection
  • Can be equipped with an additional shelf or Drawer unit 30 series

Basic trolley

Basic pegboard trolley

This modular trolley equipped with an ergonomic handle has a wide range of accessories that can be used to adapt the trolley to meet the user’s specific needs, and it is ideal for LEAN production environments. The trolley is effortless to move and serves well as a tool trolley, for example. Among others, stacking bins, different types of shelves, and perforated panels, as well as a perforated panel cabinet, can be added to the basic trolley.

Basic 1 ESD Trolley

basic trolley esd with containers

Based on the same modular system that offers maximum mobility along with ESD protection.

  • A highly adaptable, powder-coated (RAL 7035) steel trolley
  • The frame includes a pull handle, a bottom shelf, and a rubber mat as standard parts
  • All the accessories of the M750 modules are compatible with the trolley
  • Total load capacity 350 kg, height 1625 mm
  • Four swivel castors (⌀ 125 mm), two with brakes
  • Combinations are also available without ESD protection
  • Its adaptability makes this trolley an ideal solution for LEAN production environments

Concept trolley ESD 500 x 700 mm

CONT705-49 esd trolley

This model replaces the older C74049101P version

Product Information

Product codeCONT705-49
Width mm500
Depth mm700
Height adjustment area, mm650 – 900

SAP ESD trolley

SAP trolley with shelf SAP507 AT507

The SAP trolley provides an easily movable additional work surface that can be locked in place. Available in three sizes to meet different additional work surface needs. A bottom shelf and a handle, which makes moving the trolley easier, are available as accessories. The height can be adjusted with an Allen key, which means that the trolley can be converted as needed. Often used with Treston TP workbenches.

SAP507 SAP esd trolley raised

  • A standard trolley that is easy to move where needed
  • Powder-coated (light grey, RAL 7035) steel frame, max load 150 kg
  • Three different sizes, which all come with the top shelf as a standard feature
  • A handle, which makes moving the trolley easier, and a bottom shelf for extra space are available as accessories
  • Height adjustment (650–900 mm) with an Allen key
  • Four castors that turn (⌀ 100 mm), two with brakes
  • Also, available without ESD protection

Please note that Merlin Industrial Products are a main dealer for Treston products within the UK and generally offer prices 15% cheaper than Treston direct.

Model Size mm
 SAP507 ESD SAP trolley ESD 700×500
 SAP710 ESD SAP trolley ESD 1000×700
 SAP715 ESD SAP trolley ESD 1500×700
Sap ESD Accessories
AT507 ESDLower shelf ESD for SAP trolley 700×500
AT710 ESDLower shelf ESD for SAP trolley 1000×700
NT500 ESDKeyboard tray NT ESD
AB4020-4ESDAccessory box with ESD shelf bin 4020-4ESD
LT507 ESDExtra shelf 418×700 ESD for SAP507 ESD trolley
LT710 ESDExtra shelf 618×1000 ESD for SAP710 ESD trolley

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