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Mobile Refuelling System

cemo new mobile refueling products

The regulations covering the movement of hazardous materials by road, including fuels, come under the international ADR rules. These govern how containers are made and approved, as well as who may transport them and how. Generally, up to 1000 litres of diesel or petrol may be transported in an approved container without the driver possessing a specific ADR licence.

mobile refuelling station

However, under very specific circumstances, limited quantities of diesel may be transported by professionals in the normal course of their business.
Up to 450 litres may be transported by a professional user if it is together with the vehicle or equipment to be refuelled, and if the container is checked for integrity and kept clean, tidy and secure an exemption from ADR may be claimed.

 DT Mobil Easy 200l

According to the regulations on hazardous goods, the mobile tank systems do not exist. They are so-called IBCs. The abbreviation IBC stands for Intermediate Bulk Container. IBCs are used in various sectors for transport and storage, including the transport and storage of hazardous goods. They are filled with fluid or pourable products, but are also used for loose bulk products. This includes, for example, fuels for fuelling machines, chemicals, waste products, dusts, but also food products, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

IBCs contain a volume of up to 3,000 litres.

Approved for transport for immediate consumption according to ADR c). Supplied Fully assembled.


  • 125 l, 200 l or 430 l polyethylene, single wall
  • Delivery nozzle holder integrated
  • Filler neck with foam pipe
  • Integral vent with pressure relief
  • Integral forklift pockets
  • Integral carrying handles
  • Pump, assembled: Self-priming, electrical pump, 12 V and 24 V DC, 25 and 40 l/min respectively, with automatic delivery nozzle and delivery valve, 4 m filling hose and 4 m electrical cable
  • Hand pump 25 l/min, 2,7 m filling hose and manual nozzle.

Trolley for AdBlue®

Mobile refilling trolley blue

  •  elegant blue container made from tested polyethylene with integrated handle and carry handles
  •  filler neck with integrated ventilation
  •  large wheels, dia. 240 mm, for simple handling on terrain and over stairs
  •  integrated sloshing baffle• integrated delivery nozzle holder
  •  low centre of gravity 
  • 100 litre model available


Please go to our brochures page and look for 2016-Mobile-Refuelling.pdf or ask Merlin for more information.