Our Mobile workbenches are fully welded for greater strength and supplied fully assembled. Ideal for situations where the bench needs to go to the work.  All our mobile benches can be customised to suit your requirements and delivered within 7 to 10 working days.

Available with a single cupboard as standard and various drawers, vices and accessories.

Frame colour options.

standard RAL Colours


Mobile workbench with fiver drawer unit and cupboard

The wheels are built into an undercarriage and when in position can be lowered for greater stability.  Weight loading is exceeding 500 KG


1200 X 6001260SFCP
1200 X 7501275SFCP
1500 X 6001560SFCP
1500 X 750




Model shown: 1260SFCP
1200 X 600
Steel top fully mobile bench with retractable wheels, five drawer unit and matching cupboard

Mobile workbench with a single cupboard



1200 X 6001260SCP
1200 X 7501275SCP
1500 X 6001560SCP
1500 X 7501575SCP


Model shown: 1575SCP

1500 X 750
Steel top fully mobile bench with retractable wheels

Unbreakable 6 inch vice


Engineers Bench vices may be fitted to any bench if specified when ordering or supplied separately. Top quality vices available in 100 mm (4″), 125 mm (5″) and 150 mm (6″) jaw widths.

4″ (100 mm)
5″ (125 mm)
6″ (150 mm)

Optional drawer unit for mobile workbench

Steel Drawers

Without Cupboard
Extra Cupboard
Single Drawer


 Super tough mobile bench below.

Mobile Tuff Bench available with Wood or Steel tops.

Tough mobile workbench

Use the Mobile TuffBench™ for a day, and you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. A combination of heavy-duty storage cabinet and multi-purpose work surface, this innovative workbench makes any job that bit easier, while ensuring that your tools and equipment remain safe from thieves and damage. 

Its ultra-tough surface is ideal for fixing chain vice, engineers vice and other equipment, making it indispensable for M&E contractors when pipe threading and bending.