Welcome to our Office Furniture and Accessories catalogue for 2021.  Please note that maintaining our ongoing efforts to lessen the impact on the world’s resources, this catalogue is only available in a digital version. Comprising a total of 436 pages, our furniture and accessories catalogue will help you update or extend your workplace.

Digital Index (Name and Page Numbers)


Desks4 to 109
Elev8Page 2
Touch4 to 11
Mono12 to 17
Adapt II18 to 31
Fuze32 to 39
Connex40 to 47
TR1048 to 53
Vivo54 to 59
Maestro 2560 to 95
Contract 2596 to 109

Wooden Storage 110-127
Steel Storage 128-145
Screens 146-167
Chatbox 168-173
Accessories 174-189
Power & Data 190-209
Tables 210-275
Boardroom Tables 210-237
Meeting Room Tables 238-253
Cafe & Dining Tables 254-275
Reception Units 276-287
Seating 288-403
Stocked Seating 294-355
Made To Order Seating 356-403
Home Office 404-417
Fabrics 418-423

Furniture Guide 2021 What’s New

Furniture updates 2021

You are welcome to download the full catalogue for offline viewing

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