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orchard drawing equipment for the UK

Orchard has been manufacturing in the UK for thirty years and the complete range of Wood or Steel plan chests in vertical or horizontal planes is available in various sizes such as A0 and A1. The Orchard plan storage systems are also on our online store and shown at the bottom of this page.

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Traditional Wooden Horizontal Plan Chest

traditional wood plan chest

Traditional Wooden Plan Chest with steel plinth and 83mm deep drawers

The Traditional wooden plan chest combines elegance with practicality to create a useful piece of furniture suitable for any office, studio or classroom.

Finishes Light Oak, Beech, Maple and Light Grey

Available Sizes

  • A0 – 12 Drawers
  • A0 – 9 Drawers
  • A0 – 6 Drawers
  • A1 – 12 Drawers
  • A1 – 9   Drawers
  • A1 – 6   Drawers

For added security, Traditional wooden plan chests can be fitted with individually locking drawers. Locking castors may also be fitted to the steel plinth, making them easier to move around.

Heath Wooden Plan Chests

Heath beech plan chest

Featuring 35 mm deep drawers, the Heath has a robust design, making it suitable for schools and offices alike. The Heath wooden plan chest is fitted with steel legs and metal bow handles.

Finishes Light Oak, Beech and Light Grey

Available Sizes

  • A0 – 6 Drawers
  • A0 – 8 Drawers
  • A1 – 6 Drawers
  • A1 – 8 Drawers

Heath cabinet sections can now be combined with Traditional Plan Chest 3 drawer sections. This allows the best value combinations of 3, 6 and 8 drawer sections to form one plan chest with different drawer depths.

Orchard Metal Plan Chest

orchard metal plan chest

From modern studios or offices, to demanding educational environments, the Orchard Metal plan chest has refined styling and strong design, making it the ideal paper storage system for commercial businesses.

corridor steel plan chests

The Orchard Metal plan chest is supplied with metal D-handles and an inset 18 mm MFC work top.

For safety, the design of the drawers and frame prevent the drawers from being completely removed from the front of the cabinet.

Paint Finishes Black, Grey, White, Red and Blue

Available Sizes

  • A0 – 10 Drawers
  • A0 – 8 Drawers
  • A0 – 6 Drawers
  • A1 – 10 Drawers
  • A1 – 8 Drawers
  • A1 – 6 Drawers

Milano Steel Plan Chest

milano steel plan chests

The Milano metal plan chest is all about Italian style and design. A fully enclosed lockable horizontal cabinet for A0 or A1 paper.

Available in either a 10 drawer or 5 drawer versions, the Milano metal plan chest allows you to neatly organize and secure your documents, plans or artwork. For safety reasons the drawers reach a stop at the end of their travel preventing them from being accidentally removed. As standard, the Milano plan chest is supplied in white or grey.

Standard Paint Finishes Grey or White

Available Sizes

  • A0 – 10 Drawers
  • A0 – 5 Drawers
  • A1 – 10 Drawers
  • A1 – 5 Drawers

Sliding Shelf Plan Cabinets

Sliding shelf plan storage

The sliding shelf cabinets can be supplied in the horizontal plane as shown in the image above or in the vertical plane.

Horizontal or Vertical Shelving

Ideal for paper, portfolios or even drawing board storage, the Sliding Shelf cabinet combines style with ease of access. Ideal for art studios or drawing offices were fully enclosed drawers are not required, our sliding shelf cabinets are available with a range of options from lockable doors to castors.

Standard Available Sizes

  • Size A1 – 8 Compartments Horizontal
  • Size A1 – 8 Compartments Vertical

Some models can be customized, so please contact Merlin Industrial if none of these plan storage systems meets your requirements.

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