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Overhead Safety Cable Indicators

goalpost safety cable markers

Telescopic height barriers to safely indicate overhead cables, wires and any other hazards. Can be easily moved and offer a highly visible warning. Commonly called Goal Post systems and widely used across the country by local authorities and contractors. New this year the 100 kg Ballast system detailed below.


overhead cable warning indicators


The Kits Comprise

  • Poles that can be extended to 7300 mm and manufactured from Fibre glass – GRP
  • Steel Legs and base plate
  • Plastic ballast blocks in Red and White for added visibility
  • Bunting

goalpost low cables


Telescopic Height Barriers for protection and awareness of height sensitive areas

• HSE GS6 Compliant
• Made from non conducting fibre glass
• Max Height 7.3 m / min 1.72 m
• Y piece collar to connect with bunting or poles (max d= 40mm)
• Quick release hand operated clamps for easy erection
• Red and White Pole Sections for High Visibility
• Steel base bolts down or uses 4 x ”Rota-block mini” for 400 kg water ballast
• 1 person, tool-less assembly
• Includes bunting

overhead cable holder for bunting


overhead cable warning indicator kit contents


Product code SGPS
Dimensions Maximum 7.3 metres, Minimum 1.72 metres
Pole Diameter 42 mm
Material Fibreglass – GRP
Weight 5 kg
Required 2
Certified HSE GS6 Compliant


Product code SGPS-Base
Dimensions length 500 mm x Depth 500 mm, Overall Height 500 mm
Material Steel powder coated
Colour White
Required 2


Product code RBM (red or White)
Dimesnions length 1000 mm x 400 mm deep x 400 mm highly
Material UV protected MDPE
Weight 100 kg (When Filled)
Colours Red or White
Required 2 or 4

Red and White tabbed Bunting

overhead goalpost height warning indicators

Download the Data Sheet for Printing or to send to someone else.