The Treston packaging bench, manufactured in Finland for many decades has been the most popular and versatile packing bench in Europe and offers height adjustability for different shifts and personnel. The TPB bench is modular and can be added to years after your first purchase, growing as your needs evolve.

Packing and shipping departments are the last stage of the despatch process where efficiency can be improved. Whether goods are picked by hand from  the warehouse or supplied via automated conveyor systems, manual labour is often needed to pack the collected items into the correct  box or package. Add to this activity the physical quality check and document handling and it is easy to understand why logistic efficiency is heavily dependent on the throughput of the packing operators.

tp packaging bench and accessories

Treston recognised the need for ‘more output with fewer people’ and came up with simple yet effective accessories for their already ergonomic workstation range to reduce the time needed in the packing process. Take for example the placement of small hand tools such as knives and pens. Leaving them on the table-top is standard practice but it infringes LEAN-principles as it hinders the possibility of creating  an uninterrupted‘packing flow’ where a box is filled on the table and then – preferably without lifting – slides to the next step or to a pallet for shipping. The Treston solution of a chamfered  steel tray to store small hand tools in front of the worktop not only keeps the work area clear for the workflow process but also  keeps them easy to hand  thus increasing efficiency double fold.

Other efficiency increasing solutions are recycling bins that are placed at the same level as the worktop or at an ergonomic angle below the worktop, cutter units that work with up to three different packing materials simultaneously, supports for ergonomic positioning of label printers and flexible storage solutions for packing materials. All simple yet effective accessories for creating the most efficient packing table to suit your needs. Treston packing tables can be constructed from the four legged Old-style workstations or the ergonomically shaped WB benches where (manual or electric) height adjustment is possible. For more information about Treston packing  tables, please contact



  • The TPB standard package includes: 2 roll holders, an upper shelf, divider hoops, a perforated panel, an auxiliary shelf
  • Plenty of room to work, and space for packaging supplies and materials
  • Adapts and grows according to needs; 50+ accessories, including a tape dispenser, a label dispenser, and a toolholder box
  • Stepless height-adjustable workbench (650–900 mm) and above workbench add-on (1080–1550 mm)
  • Easy to buy, transport, and assemble
  • Complete the packing environment with carton trolleys, cutters, proper light fixtures, and ergonomic chairs


Economy Packaging Station

Packing station PPH

Packing station PPH with accessories


As this is a Treston packaging bench it comes with a lot of accessories and trolleys so that your mailroom / dispatch area can be completely kitted out for all shapes and sizes.


  • recycling bin is fixed to the side of the packing table to make recycling easy

  • bin volume is 60 litres

  • bin can be positioned at either side or rear of the packing bench

  • maximum load of 15 kg


  • Roll holder can store two rolls

  • Ideal for storing packing material next to the workstation

  • Maximum load per tube is 40 kg

  • Tube diameter is 25 mm

  • when used in combination with the cutter PPC, can the high roll holder be used as a standalone packing material dispenser

CodeDims DxWxH mmSuitable for
PRH50H625x685x1500Two 500 mm rolls
PRH80H625x880x1500Two 750 mm rolls
PRH120H625x1365x1500Two 1200 mm rolls
PRH150H625x1795x1500Two 1500 mm rolls

Download the Brochure for the TPB Packaging bench and accessories