Pallet Conveyor


Pallet conveyor is generally used for moving heavy loads though it can equally be used where the working environment demands a rugged construction. 

Made in either chain-to-chain or tangential (one common chain) configuration this can offer a flexible robust handling solution.

As with all the conveyor systems these can be manufactured in steel or stainless steel for use with hygiene plastic pallets within the food industry.

We offer two products in this field. Firstly there is the standard pallet handling unit conveyor which, as the name indicates, is a modular conveyor system specifically designed around all aspects of pallet handling. 

Secondly we can supply a unique designed chain driven conveyors for specific applications either to your own specification or via our in house design team.

Pallet conveyors are always bespoke items tailored to your building and requirements based on loadings, distances travelled and height of the system required.

For a more detailed discussion of what we supply and how it could be used for specific application call our dedicated team with your requirements.

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