Pallet Dolly’s

pallet dollys steel for euro pallets

Steel and Aluminium pallet dolly’s designed to carry all Euro pallet sizes up to 1200 x 1000 mm with various weight loadings. Specialist castors can be added such as  non marking castors for clean room applications.

Design B Above

Please not that depending on the lead times required and quantities that we have several different designs in both box section and angle. If you have a preference let us know and we will quote accordingly.

pallet-dolly-welded steel


Design P

Pallet dolly design H

Design H

As well as the welded pallet dolly above we have an aluminium model shown below offering less capacity at 250kg but lighter to handle and store when not in use.


Most of our current customers including Amazon use these with pallet boxes as a means of economically moving products and ingredients around areas where fork lift trucks and even pallet trucks will struggle to manoeuvre.


Plastic pallet boxes feet are rotationally moulded and not suitable for adding castors to the feet which would be the easiest method of handling and wooden pallets do not offer the cleanliness and hygiene required in a lot of modern workspaces. There are plastic pallet boxes that can be supplied with castors though these are very expensive and it is cheaper to use a standard pallet box and one of our dollys and you cannot stack the pallet boxes if they have castors on them.

Plastic pallet box with castors PB1425BR

The steel pallet dollys can be handled by pallet and fork lift trucks and can be manufactured to suit your particular application and though the largest model is designed for the 1200 x 1000 mm pallets we can also supply dollys for the smaller sizes.

Images of other applications for the dolly.

P1090057 dollyP1090068 dollyP1090070 dollyP1090072Prima4a dolly


For an accurate quotation please advise the size, quantity and delivery point.

Please note that pallet dollys are manufactured at our site and several others depending on style and capacity so please let us know if you need a particular design as prices and lead times will vary.

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