Pallet Racking

two bay pallet racking

We have a variety of pallet racking systems that will provide the perfect storage solution for your business. We take full consideration that each business needs to find a storage solution which makes the most of the available space.

Pallet racking is designed for strength, durability, ease of assembly and operational reliability, the pallet racking system comprises a comprehensive choice of frames and beams which can be precisely selected and combined to meet the requirements of any heavy-duty storage application.

Large installation of pallet racking

By selecting from our range of pallet racking storage can be configured to meet precise criteria, in terms of load volume and weight, accessibility, handling requirements and space utilisation, in the safest, most cost-effective way. Beams can be removed and repositioned when changes in the use of the racking occur.

MS Pallet Racking close up view

Applications Pallet racking can be used for:

  • Standard/Wide Aisle
  • Double Depth Racking
  • Narrow Aisle
  • Crane Served
  • Drive-in Racking
  • Push-Back Racking
  • Pallet Live Storage
  • Carton Live Storage
  • Mobile Pallet Racking
  • Specialised Applications
  • Storage Platforms
  • Mezzanine Platforms

Our Professional surveyors can help provide you with drawings, costs and advise you the best way to achieve your pallet storage requirements.

Datasheet on Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking Guide

Pallet Racking prices from our 2018 storage catalogue – please ask if you require a copy posted.


The Fully Flexible Warehouse Solution

  • Beam UDL (Per Pair) of up to 3790kg
  • Available in heights of up to 6000mm
  • Kits available for UK (900mm depth) and Euro Pallets (1100mm depth)
  • Accessories including fork spacers and pallet support bars available
  • Open wire and timber decking available
  • Beam pitch every 50mm


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