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Pharmacy Boxes and Bags

medical transit cases 600

Pharmacy boxes and bags are for the safe, secure storage and transportation of medical supplies. The custom bags and boxes are most often used in medical establishments such as the NHS and pharmacies. Merlin Industrial have a few standard sized units for Winchester bottles though mostly they are custom manufactured to your requirements.

We can offer the pharmacy, medical boxes and bags in two materials to hopefully cover most of your requirements, though as these are custom-made we can adapt to your requirements.

secure case open shown with optional foam

Padlocking pharmacy box with optional foam lining for protection of medicine bottles etc.

The cases will be made from 7 mm Astarboard, a lightweight but strong polypropylene honeycomb material which is specifically designed for lightweight flight cases.

Properties Standards
Classification by standard: DINDIN 12127, DIN 3037, DIN 5084, DIN 75200, DIN 9001
Classification by standard: ENEN 12127, EN 5084, EN 9001
Classification by standard: ISO ISO 9001
Ecological propertieseasy to recycle


The pharmacy cases can be manufactured in one of four colours. Black, Blue, Red and Grey

black pharmacy case blue pharmacy case 
grey pharmacy case red pharmacy case 

The locking system is riveted into the medical cases and offers improved security for the contents. We can also supply a wide range of padlocks should you need any.

padlock hasp pharmacy boxes


  • The cases will be fitted with interlocking aluminium sections to the joint edges to give a splash proof seal.
  • Edges are fitted with 22 mm aluminium angle. Zinc coated pressed steel ball corners and edge brackets increase strength and protection.
  • The lid is secured to the base with butterfly type catches at the front and heavy-duty struts hinged at the back which allow the lid to sit open at about 100 degrees.
  • The cases will be fitted with a recessed flip handles. 
  • Astroboard Honeycomb system is strong and lightweight.

Medical Bags

custom padded bag closed

Custom padded medical bags offer an ideal way of transferring medical supplies across a busy site. They keep the contents protected whilst being lightweight and easy to carry.

The inside of the padded medical bags can be supplied with dividers for protecting Winchester bottles or other fragile equipment from being damaged.

custom padded bag inside

Velcro fastenings allow the bags to be quickly closed and opened and various straps help to increase the usefulness of these padded containers.

So, that we can offer the most competitive prices, please let us have as many details as possible.


  1. Quantity
  2. Internal Size
  3. Padded or Case
  4. Colour reference
  5. Anything else that you would like.

As the pharmacy/medial cases and bags are made to order, there is a lead time of around 4 weeks.